Onboard vid & PCI-e card

By mattphillips ·
I currently have a Gateway desktop with GeForce 6150SE integrated video. I would like to add my GeForce FX 5200 card to add monitors, but after doing some research I have seen that the 6150 is ranked higher in performance. Would it be possible to still manage the graphics with the 6150 and use the 5200's two extra VGA's?

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I do not think you can use both.....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Onboard vid & PCI-e card

When you put in a graphic card of your choice you are cutting out/off the other graphic chip. So when you do put this new graphic card in make sure you disable the on-board graphic chip in your BIOS settings. Or you might have problems when you start to bootup.

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I had a 5200, it was a piece of junk

by Slayer_ In reply to Onboard vid & PCI-e card

Worst card I ever had, couldn't even render most fonts correctly.

But anyways, if your version of the card has duel VGA outs, then you can hook up duel monitors. But it is unlikely that you will be able to continue using the onboard at the same time. It will likely auto turn itself off.

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They both work together...

by mattphillips In reply to Onboard vid & PCI-e card

I know, I usually hear that with this type of situation. The thing is, I have had them both installed before. And they both work at the same time. For some reason this desktop does it. I was running three monitors with both cards. The problem is that the computer seems to be using the graphics processing power of the 5200. Things like watching Youtube videos, for example, resulted in choppy video. Suggestions?

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I generally suggest more RAM when a computer is sluggish.

by Ron K. In reply to They both work together.. ...

I'll be buying RAM for my daughter's bargain basement computer very soon. I'll also put in a secondary drive to off-load the Page file from her C: drive as well as give her reaonable storage space. As far as video cards go I generally search for the top of the line and buy two or three steps down to get a good price. Many onboard cards use a portion of onborad memeory to run and even installing a cheapy shows an increase in speed.

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No it's not possible to

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Onboard vid & PCI-e card

Would it be possible to still manage the graphics with the 6150 and use the 5200's two extra VGA's?

With anything like this you are stuck with using the Video Processing fallacies on the individual Video Cards. So the On Board Video will work at it's speed and the Plug In Video will work through it's Video Chip Set and use part of the CPU to generate Video and some System Memory as well reducing the performance of the unit.

When you Mix & Match like this it tends to give you the worst of both worlds with in this case the Video being a the lowest possible display rates.

Also with the extra load on the system it will tend to slow things down a bit so you'll have to improve your hardware to work acceptably well.

This means either fitting 4 GIG of RAM if the M'Board will carry that much or at least as much as the M'Board will carry. If you have a 32 Bit OS it's pointless using more than 4 GIG of RAM as the OS can not map it and even at the 4 Gig limit it's only using 3.25 GIG of Total System RAM and this includes the Video RAM. That is just how any 32 Bit OS works.

If the System already has 4 GIG or as much as the M'Board can carry them your only way forward is to change the Video Card with something more powerful and replace the CPU with a faster one. The Replacement of the CPU though will not substantially increase the performance as much as increasing the amount of RAM that the system has. You will get a better performance increase for less $ by increasing the amount of RAM in the System up to the 4 GIG Limit.


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