one laptop 10 monitors each monitor with a deffirent images or videos

By rabi_dadi ·
i would like to connect 10 screens to one laptop and desplay 10 deffirant images and videos
i am thinking to use vga spliter to share the laptop between the screens and use a video card to divid the laptop screen to 10 screens but i do not know what do i need moore or what do i have to do to send the diffirant images to the screens becouse using the vga spliter all i can do is split the same image or video to all the monitors. please let me know if there is a way to do it thamk you.

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You're asking for too much from one laptop ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to one laptop 10 monitors ea ...

I doubt if you could even SPLIT the signal into 10 and still have sufficient signal for each of the screens.

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by rabi_dadi In reply to You're asking for too muc ...

hi and thanks for the replay could please tell me what is the best whay to use 10 screens with diffirent images or videos?

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I'm out of my depth on this ....

by OldER Mycroft In reply to ok

What particularly worries me is your constant reference to "Images or Videos". Still images is one thing, but to consider the processing power needed to drive 10 different VIDEO streams, as an unbroken unflickering signal, is not anything that I've ever done.

You would almost certainly require multiple Video Cards AND multiple Hard Drives too. (Far more than one laptop is capable of)

Perhaps another Peer will have more knowledge of what is really an Audio-Visual question.

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i got closer

by rabi_dadi In reply to I'm out of my depth on th ...
this divise my help using 3 monitors only but i am still loking for moor

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that wase halpful

by rabi_dadi In reply to This may give you some id ...

thank you very much that wase helpfull, but im still loking for the best solution

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Might not be the solution

by Jacky Howe In reply to that wase halpful
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by .Martin. In reply to one laptop 10 monitors ea ...

as Old Mycroft said, with 10 displays, you will not be able to do this on a laptop.

to do this, I would recommend a desktop

Graphics Card:
three of something like this:
or five of something like this:
note: DO NOT cheap out on graphics cards, as they will be under a lot of load

at least a Quad-core, better to go with an Intel i7, or if money is not a problem, multiple Xeon processors.

as much as the board can handle, try to get a board that supports DDR3 (all i7 boards do)

at least 4 (more recommended), 1HDD with OS, others with video/pictures
as you get closer to 1 video per HDD, you will get better streaming
SATA II is better than SATA which is better than IDE (PATA)

64 bit. other than that, does not really matter.

maybe the MOST important part of the ENTIRE computer. if you are going with Air cooling, get a good CPU cooler. and lots of case fans, sucking air in from front, pushing out the back. also do not confine the computer in a place where it can heat up.

let us know how you are going...

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Bah, excesive

by Slayer_ In reply to probably

Get 5 el cheapo video cards, even just PCI cards will be fine as long as they have two outputs. Plug em all in, and your fine, you DO NOT need crazy CPU power nor do you need crazy RAM. You will need good cooling however, as you will probably need PCI expansion cards in this desktop, you may almost do better just taking the board out of the case all together and just leave the back panel attached (to hold the cards in place) and build your own custom apparatus.

Why don't you need crazy CPU?
Your computer will understand 10 monitors, the work load will exist soley on your video cards. Videos generally require very little power, play a divx video and watch your CPU usage, a 2 ghz machine (1 CPU) will should about 5% usage.
And IDE drive can transfer data fairly quickly, far fast enough to stream multiple videos, however 2 HDD's would be a good idea because although you can read data fast, having the drives constantly moving back and forth between files takes extra time. If you can half the workload, you will be doing far better.

What I am curious is how you intend to get sound from multiple videos playing....

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