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PCs to Replace Mac?

By ChrispyCookey ·
We have a few Macs in our office specifically for our graphic design and publications group. Our IT Manager mentioned to the group yesterday that once we implement Vista, there won't be a reason to use a Mac for anything as Vista will do it all and be compatible with everything. I skeptical. I must have missed something...

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MAC vs. PC.... here too???? Sigh

by fungus-among-us In reply to crazy is as crazy does

I don't think the original poster wanted this to become a MAC v PC debate.... which it has become. I see this same sort of debate between AMD vs Intel users, Domestic vs. Imports (beer and cars), 9mm vs. .45... comon people... basically, we need to let the original poster's "IT Manager" know that s/he needs to stop reading the M$ marketing hype and read more of the "Tech"

P.S. If you are the IT Manager discussed by the first post... Sniffing Glue at work is probably frowned upon. Save a model plane, stop sniffing!

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by dormerod In reply to PCs to Replace Mac?

I thought the Mac WAS a PC (thats Personal Computer not Politically Correct)!

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Apple?s lack of a true 64-bit system

by sscan1 In reply to PCs to Replace Mac?

I?ve been a Mac user and fan for 20 years, but I?m fairly disenchanted with Apple these days. I can?t stand commercials that use a ?Fear? based marketing tactics and Apple?s commercials have become just like the IBM commercials I?ve hated for years.

Hey Apple, you want to talk smack. Get a full 64-bit system in place, than I listen to what you have to say. Until then, I refuse to even consider OS X as an equal to Vista, much less XP-64. Apple?s not perfect and we know Microsoft isn?t either. I hold Apple to a higher level. I ?m a big fan of consolidation and Apple?s lack of a comprehensive 64-bit solutions is unacceptable.

I would make the same decision as the manager. True Apple fans should show their dismay with Apple?s lack of a true 64-bit system, by supporting Vista in the enterprise. This would at least motivate Apple to get off their buts and get things done. Don?t get me wrong, I was delighted to hear of the port to Intel, but the lack of a true 64-bit system or plan just ticks me off.

Honestly, I hate the problems I encounter with XP especially with the recent patching glitches. And, so what if I?m an MCSE at least I have perspective. When the true 64-bit systems come, I?ll get one and get Apple certified.

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Mac OS X Tiger, 64-bit, GA since April 2005

by In reply to Apple?s lack of a true 64 ...

Apple's Mac OS X Tiger Server supports 64-bit applications (large address space) and has been GA since April 2005. The Power Mac G5 supports up to 16 GB of RAM with up to 4 processors, shipping since October 2005.

Q1. What is there about this system that does not meet your requirements?

Q2. What is it that you want to do that you cannot do with the current GA Mac OS X systems?


Apple Announces Mac OS X Server "Tiger"

Apple Introduces Power Mac G5 Quad and Power Mac G5 Dual

Mac OS X "Tiger" 64-bit Support

Power Mac G5 Technical Specifications

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odd perspective... ?

by manskybook In reply to Apple?s lack of a true 64 ...

Well, at least you said it - Apple has *some* 64-bit capability.

64-sit systems are hardly the norm; Apple has already included
some of that capability in an operating system two years before
Vista; "Leopard" may beat Vista to market and equally may
include what you want (WWDC is just around the corner, so stay
tuned for announcements); and Apple has a better track record
than MS for implementing new technology, especially through
the OS. I shudder to think what actual capability Vista might

That noted, please recall that the top-of-the-line Intel Macs
have not yet been announced (both towers and servers); and
Apple has already provided 64-bit hardware for a couple of
years. They've at least been working on the problem, not just
promising capability.

(and screw the TV ads - from Apple and everyone else; they're
not aimed at people like us)

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PCs to Replace Mac? I'm sceptical too ...

by labarker In reply to PCs to Replace Mac?

and I wish I could be a fly on the wall when your IT manager has
to employ more IT people and they all land up tearing out their
hair. Better find a new job, Beta80Cooke. I really feel for you.

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by Species8472 In reply to PCs to Replace Mac?

I don't think pc's will replace mac's neither will mac's replace pc's for one look at the above statements. Yes pc's are 80-90% or what ever it is of the market BUT, those who use mac's probaly will never change over to pc's they are too loyal and I proably will stick with my pc's cause i have to much invested in my computers and have no reason to buy Mac.

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Would have to agree on this one

by crayolakidd In reply to PCs to Replace Mac?

I can feel the daggers in my back now...hmmm. As a graphics and digital arts teacher, and as someone who has been giving Vista one **** of a work out, I have to agree with your office manager. Although Macs have long had a reputation as the "graphics tool", I have long found one has to spend twice as much to get the same performance as from a PC, and forget even going the way of even the newest line of iMacs. My 18mth old Thinkpad runs rings around my partner's brand newG5 iMac, and as for my main PC..... When looking to update my PC last year I ended up opting to get mine build to suit my graphics requirement. I spent just over $3000 AU, but to get a G5 with the same capabilities I would have been looking at nearly $2000 more again - how can any business justify that sort of expenditure, especialy as Vista is shaping up to finally give Macs serious competition.

I have to say I am not a Mac basher ( I have never particularly approved of the way Microsoft goes about its business), bt I am certainly under no illusions as to their true capabilities either

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by teirich In reply to PCs to Replace Mac?

MAC are MAC's and MAC users are MAC users.

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Video editing Mac versus PC

by heikki.rauhala In reply to PCs to Replace Mac?

I have several PC and I?m doing almost everything on them
-except video editing there Final Cut Expess and a powerful Mac is outstanding.
Never freezing the computer or other errors , rendering in a fraction of the time of the job at a PC,plenty of transactions, tools and utilites included, that you have to buy extra for a lot of money from Adobe, Pinnacle, Sony, etc.

The extra cost of purchasing and maintance of a Mac is paid when editing video half an hour a week I still do most work an 2 PC:s because the company standard on Network access, servers, applications, etc

Henry R

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