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By jdy049872 ·
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If I'm making a slideshow in Photos 4, can I control the layout of photos on a particular slide? If I'm using, say, the Reflections theme, it seems like each slide has a random number and layout of photos. I can change the order of photos by dragging them around the bottom, which seems to re-randomize the layouts. But do I have any control over which layout to use for which slide? I could have sworn I've done this in the past.
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I'm going with no.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Photos slideshow layout

As I read and more I going to write that Photos is a nice enough app but you want more control. Time to look at other apps that offer the control you demand.

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While I agree with Bob regarding the

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Photos slideshow layout

limitations of Photo, all is not lost.
Keynote makes an excellent platform for the creation of a slide show with the ability to add multiple images to one page (Slide), put them where you want them and even resize them by dragging the corners.
Possibilities are virtually limitless with the option, fades, audio commentary, music and transitions. Keynote comes included with each Mac sold and will adequately meet are your needs.
Let us know if it will, or did, work for you.

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