Print MS TechNet?

By CharlieSpencer ·
I HATE on-line documentation. I can't mark it up, high-light it, write notes in the margins, stick Post-Its on as book markers, read it over lunch; any of those things I can do with a book.

Does anyone know a way to print MS TechNet content. I'd prefer printing entire sections or trees / branches, but I'll settle for individual articles if I must. Lacking either of those options, are there any suggestions on how to make Technet easier to use?


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Click Printer Friendly version at bottom of article

by Slayer_ In reply to Print MS TechNet?

And if that's not good enough, copy the print friendly version into word, then grab other ones and append them, then print.

That help?

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Click Printer Friendly ve ...

I didn't notice the 'Printer friendly' link. For some reason I get it in the upper left, just over the table of contents, not at the bottom. I'm still hoping someone will provide a solution to printing multiple articles in one operation.


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Hmm, wouldn't a subscription

by IC-IT In reply to Print MS TechNet?

provide the library on CD/DVD?
Employer purchase?, tax write-off?

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Same format

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hmm, wouldn't a subscript ...

The content on the CD is presented in the same format as the web site. There is no option to print entire sections, only one article at a time.

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