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Printer restrictions

By lloyd.smith ·

I've got a number of shared HP 5550 printers on the network. My question is relates to a recent incident wherey a team printed over 7000 pages in the space of 2-3 days costing ICT nearly 1200 to facilitate.

Is there anyway I can restrict the number of pages someone (or everyone) can print?

Any possible solutions or ideas welcome! :)

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Commercial software.

by Ron K. In reply to Printer restrictions

Something like this: <br>
I didn't see any free software. There's more out there for Internet Cafes and kiosks.<br>
I'm sure that it's not quite the solution you're looking for, being that you have to purchase it, but $140.00 isn't too unreasonable when you consider print costs.

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Another option...

by mafergus In reply to Printer restrictions

Would be to set policies (assuming the politics are manageable) that would only allow designated individuals to be allowed to access or provide authorization to use the color printers. That would allow some flexibility and if the 7000 pages were justified, at least someone would have had to sign off on the action.

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by lloyd.smith In reply to Another option...

Yeah, this was something I have been looking to introduce but I know I'll soon run into issues if I did implement it. I'll try and put a case forward for it and hopefully stop this from happening again!

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Another Solution

by Arobase In reply to thanks

Hi, We use software called Papercut. Go to or search it in google.

You can manage EVERYTHING related to printing and internet usage (bandwidth etc)

We restrict users to printing "X" amount of pages per day, per print job etc.

Kind regards, hope this isnt too late a reply

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