Printing in Vista

By dandgconsultants ·
Having a problem printing to an HP deskjet 5550 in Vista. There is one used at work and one at home. The connect using a USB cable. Anyone had similar experiences?

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Your post is a bit confusing...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Printing in Vista

Do you connect to identical printers through USB, both at work and at home?

If the one at work is used through a share, you will need to install another printer using the USB drivers for the one at home. In other words, you'll end up with two printers listed.


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reply to usb printer responses in vista

by dandgconsultants In reply to Your post is a bit confus ...

I am using the USB port for both printers. There are two printers showing and there were separate drivers in the installation of the second printer.
I am not certain that the printer at the office is used as a share but will check to make sure.

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More information required

by jdclyde In reply to Printing in Vista

Please describe the problem.

Are you getting an error code?

Is it with all applications or just certain ones?

Do you have the same issue with both the work and the home printer?

Are you connecting to the printer with a laptop that you are taking back and forth, or two different desktops?

One problem with USB printers I have seen is if you don't ALWAYS plug it back into the same USB port, it will actually think there is more than one, one on each port. It will try to print to the one that isn't there....

Check to see if you have the same printer showing up more than once.

If this resolved your issue, please mark as helpful. If it does not, post more information and we will see what we can come up with.

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printing response to vista problem2

by dandgconsultants In reply to More information required

When using Wordperfect or Word the print jobs just sit in the queue and do not print.
I will have to let you know what the error code is.
There is one laptop that is used to print. At the office a docking bay is used and at home one without.

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