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By gorantla_koteswar ·
I was printing 1.2 inches length lables perfectly in win98se.
When changed my os 98se to winxpsp2 problem started
1)printable matter not printing in proper manner
2)lable skipping is not proper

machine:- printronix line matrix printer with LPT
driver:-generic text
please which driver I have to use
same driver are working fine win98se os

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Many potential issues here.

by seanferd In reply to PRINTING PROBLEM

First, have you configured the print properties in whichever application it is that you create labels? If this printer always used the generic print driver, it is likely that the print properties are not set right, or this just doesn't work the same on XP.

Second, 98 and XP are not just different operating systems, but different types of operating systems. There is no DOS in NT OSes, for example. So, there may be an issue with that printer using XP no matter what. There may be no XP driver for this.

Third, if you want help finding a different driver, best to give the full model number of this printer. <s>There is nothing at all helpful at the Printronix site</s>*, and I can't guess which printer you have.

*Oh, I finally found legacy support:
Find your printer here. There should be manuals, drivers, applications, and other goodness.

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You were using...

by PESK, mbcs, mcse, mcitp, sts In reply to PRINTING PROBLEM

...Win98 drivers! Try using WinXP drivers.

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