problem with laptop that no one can figure out

By JaamesTheFirst ·
my friend has a hp laptop that he got about one year ago. It has a pretty low-end Nvidia mx110 but even with the simplest of games, randomly, games will freeze for a second; this happens every minute or so. stutter is also common. many people have looked into this and no one was able to figure out the problem. this is a problem since both the freezes and stuttering did not happen when he got the computer, its only been happening for the last two months
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Re: problem

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to problem with laptop that ...

In a case like this, it was simple. There were 2 options:
1. It's software. Then go back to factory conditions, reset Windows or restore the latest image backup that was still correct, and it's solved.
2. It's hardware. Then, since the laptop was about 10 months old, HP would solve it under warranty.

Now, if he waited about 2 months, he might still have luck, even with a 1 year warranty. Or, with a 2 year warranty, HP will still fix it if it's hardware.
Anyway, start with investigating the software angle.

Two things I assume:
- Even a very simple game like Tetris will stutter and freeze.
- The same games did work fine 2 months ago.

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by JaamesTheFirst In reply to Re: problem

first of all, thank you for the support :)
we have already done more than one factory resets of the computer, including reinstalling windows, so I think the software part has already been looked into, i believe. I will try and talk to my friend and see if there is any place near him with support from HP themselves but I don't know if it will be possible either way since we are in lockdown.
What is also odd is that the laptop has been taken to a tech repair shop (with a pretty legitimate reputation) and the only thing they did was updating windows, claiming everything else was just fine, even tho the problem was described to them.
Anyway, thank you for your help

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We'll need that Speccy report.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to problem with laptop that ...

But to guess without it and I assume you took the advice so far about resets is this machine has a Hard Disk Drive. Try this machine without a HDD. Use a SSD next.

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