Problems connecting to shared printer

By John K.R. ·
I'm having trouble connecting to a shared printer. I have a desktop running XP with a Laserjet 1300 directly connected to it. I shared the printer out giving Everyone permission to it. I have File and Print sharing turned on on the Local Area Connection and have even gone through and disabled the Windows Firewall. I've gone into Shared Folders under System Tools and have selected the printing under Shares and gave Everyone full permission that way as well. I still can not add the printer from other computers. I've tried adding it via IP address through creating a new TCP/IP port. I've tried adding it by going \\ComputerName\PrinterName, but everytime I try I am told it doesn't exist. I can ping the computer. I can print using the computer it's connected to. But I can not find it when it's shared. I've tried deleting the printer, re-adding it and resharing it, but still nothing. Any suggestions on where to go next?

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Well according to HP

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Problems connecting to sh ...

You need to use Part 6 of this M$ Knowledge Base Article

I'm not really sure how this helps but maybe you missed something.

What OS's are involved on the computers that you want to Print From and is there a Vista or 7 System involved on this LAN? As they use different Networking Models that could be the problem if the LAN has been altered to work with either Vista or 7.


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No Vista or 7 systems

by John K.R. In reply to Well according to HP

Primarily just XP although for testing purposes I've tried connecting using my mac as well. I'll look through that article more in depth and hopefully I'll come across something I missed as I'm a bit perplexed; this is typically fairly straight forward.

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Well Mac's shouldn't do anything much

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No Vista or 7 systems

It's just a matter of having Samba on the MAC and it doesn't change the LAN at all.

Lets know how you get on here but when I looked at the HP Directions I didn't think that there was anything strange there.


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Noticed nothing myself

by John K.R. In reply to Well Mac's shouldn't do a ...

Just seems strange as this is a pretty simple process, which makes me think there must be something obvious I'm just blinded to. Anyway, this isn't exactly top priority. Just more of a curious thing. I'll post what I find the solution is once I get it figured out.

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Check Sharing and Security Model for Local Accounts

by dave In reply to Problems connecting to sh ...

in Local Security Policies and set to classic. I believe it is set for Guest Only in XP Pro and guest account is usually disabled. Could be wrong, but just a thought.

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Good thought.

by John K.R. In reply to Check Sharing and Securit ...

Didn't think of that. i checked and it was already set to classic. Thanks though.

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Got it working

by John K.R. In reply to Problems connecting to sh ...

I have no idea what was going on though. Tried the same thing I've been doing and this time it worked. No freakin idea but I'll take it. Thanks for all your help.

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