"Public" computer, two mouses, Windows XP

By coyt.watters ·
I know that multiple pointing devices can be active all at the same time, all controlling the same pointer.

What I'd like to do is provide a mouse on the left AND right of the keyboard, with the buttons on each mouse mapped for that hand - preferrably without having to rewire the mouse to reverse the switches on one or the other.

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Making the mouse Left or Right handed . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to "Public" computer, two mo ...

Is accomplished from within Control Panel > Mouse.

However, if you are going to run with TWO mice, I'm not sure how you'll know which mouse you are altering with Control Panel.

Rewiring of a mouse is not necessary.

Best of luck.

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Is there a reason why?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to "Public" computer, two mo ...

Is there a reason why you might want two mice, left handed and right handed, both controling the cursor at the same time? Will you have two people sitting at the computer at the same time?

I ask because there MAY be other solutions to what you're wanting to do OTHER than how you're trying to do it (ie: KVM with switch, user hardware profiles, etc...).

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I was wondering that too,

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Is there a reason why?

But thought I might seem 'dim' asking it.

The Lefty & Righty bit seems odd too!

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If it is one mouse being used at a time

by JamesRL In reply to I was wondering that too,

The answer would be a cordless mouse and two mouse pads. Simple.


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Since it is a public computer...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to I was wondering that too,

I would guess he wants it to be easy to use for both left and right handed people. They could use whichever mouse they were most comfortable with. I think the best and easiest option in that case would be to use a touchpad trackball, or stylus since they are ambiguous of hand preference. Then again that is just what I would do.

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Seems, sometimes we think alike, and

by DadsPad In reply to Since it is a public comp ...

almost at the same time.

Scarry, isn't it!! :_|

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User Split

by coyt.watters In reply to Is there a reason why?

In this case, the users are about 50 / 50 righties and lefties (strange but true), and the options are letting them have access to the control panel to make the mouse "their" way, or to put a mouse on either side of the keyboard, so the user can just walk up and grab the left or right mouse, and have the primary click under the pointer and the secondary click under the index.

AND I keep them out of the control panel.
I could add an icon which banged the registry to set the "SwapMouseButtons" value, but was hoping to avoid making the users drop out of the application to make the change.

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why not use.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to User Split

Why not use the user hardware profile feature? When they login with username and password, the hardware configures itself to their preference, lefty or righty.

Of course, this might take a little work to get set up... but it's certainly better than allowing the users to "bang the registry" (***snickers*** I like that phrase!).

But, now that I re-read your reply closer... I see you maybe have a terminal with a program running all the time on it and different people walk up to it to use it, probably without having to login? Maybe a customer service terminal with several people manning the counter?

So..... you might go in search of a mouse that has a switch on it. I've seen them somewhere, but can't find them now. These mice would be a lefty or righty by flipping a switch on the mouse itself. It's worth a shot finding one because, to my knowledge, there's no way to configure two mice connected at the same time with one lefty and one righty. The control pannel controls all connected. Even if you have a laptop with a touchpad and buttons and a mouse both running... when the "mouse" is set to lefty, so is the touchpad.

Just a thought.....

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Why use a mouse when a pad will do

by DadsPad In reply to "Public" computer, two mo ...

How about using a touch pad? If you use one that has the enter at the bottom, both right and left can use. Although not a perfect solution, most never are in our field.

Maybe even better, use a touch monitor. Since it is a public computer, on screen menus might work better. Then can disable mouse.

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Solution... USB

by ijradcliffe In reply to "Public" computer, two mo ...

You can have as many mice as you like with USB (well OK, only 127). I have had a dozen or so connected as an experiment along with other USB peripherals before running out of USB hubs.

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