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Purple's Catch Up Cafe

By PurpleSkys ·
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where is everyone? The coffee's on o[_] .....

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I'll take a large mug! [_]3

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Purple's Catch Up Cafe

Black is fine too...I'm here, off and on all day it seems, every day...right now I'm
bracing myself for another blast of winter weather.

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by PurpleSkys In reply to I'll take a large mug! [ ...

seem to be the gig of the week wiz....I swear, everyone is stressed and/or so busy, they don't have time to turn around. I took my first real retail job this year at Walmart as a cashier; it's been....interesting. I like it, but holy smokes! We don't have much in the line of big box stores in Truro anymore....we've got Walmart and Giant Tiger....that's it. Target missed the mark in my books by not coming to the Hub Town (Truro is considered the Hub of Nova Scotia). We're supposed to get a Winners, but I have yet to be impressed by any of their store; i'll have to wait and see I guess once they get here.

Anyway...almost ready for Christmas here. Not bad considering we've both been working a lot and dealing with my 16 yr old daughter having her gall bladder surgery last week. It was scheduled, but it was scheduled on one of the worst storm days of the season. What should have been an hour's drive turned into almost 2.5 hrs the snow was that bad. My daughter and I deliberately left lots early because we knew we would be driving into the storm. Surgery went fantastic and she is recovering well :) . She did great.

Today, December 23, we are looking forward to a big ice storm...oh yay...Hopefully, it's not too bad.

Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas :)

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Hopefully your not as ill prepared as toronto was

by Slayer_ In reply to that

Remember, just go back to bed and sleep through the storm. Don't go on the roads.

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so far Slayer_

by PurpleSkys In reply to that

it hasn't been that bad....we haven't lost power and it seems to have eased up for now. We're still under and EC weather warning though. Unfortunately, I can't sleep through the storm; I worked 6:30-11 yesterday evening and work 9-5:30 rest for the wicked lol....have a good day. :)

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well that's good

by Slayer_ In reply to that

Losing power sucks.

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Can you hook me up with an IV?

by NickNielsen In reply to Purple's Catch Up Cafe

Steady 400 ml/hour drip ought to keep me going through Christmas.

I don't know WHAT is going on this year, but I've closed 340 calls in the last 60 days, while averaging more than 10 hours and 150 miles per day. That average, by the way, includes the 11 days since October 23 I didn't actually clock in. I'm beat, and there are still three working days until Christmas!

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God love ya Nick

by PurpleSkys In reply to Can you hook me up with a ...

you definitely need a direct line hook up lol. You sure have been busy; wouldn't give you any time to shop. I can imagine you're looking forward to having a few days off to yourself. Safe travels my friend and have a very Merry Christmas! :)

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The plan is to make tomorrow a short day

by NickNielsen In reply to God love ya Nick

That assumes I have no sev 1 page-outs. I had 2 today, 115 miles apart, the first one 125 miles from where I was eating lunch. Forty minutes on site after a 2 hour drive, then a two-1/2 hour drive to the second, all of it on 2-lane roads. With farm traffic. In the rain.

I love my work.

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I was home before 7 tonight!

by NickNielsen In reply to God love ya Nick

With only one or two exceptions that I can remember, that hasn't happened in months.

But I've got tomorrow OFF, so, tonight...


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by PurpleSkys In reply to God love ya Nick

dunno if I could do the double boiler type thing.....yikes....but, as it sits right this minute, I do foresee spiced rum in my evening ....

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