Recent Publications of Good for Enterprise iphone Security Risks

By Astar88 ·
Sir or Madam,
Can you point me to a publication written in 2009 that identifies or evaluated security controls/features with the Good for Enterprise for iPhone?

Thank you.

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iphone is for consumers, not enterprises

by david.planchon In reply to Recent Publications of Go ...


The article posted as a reply was written in 2007. I stopped reading after a couple of paragraphs as most of its comments are no longer true. Although the essence of it still holds - IMHO.

What it boils down to: the iPhone is a consumer grade product. It was not designed for Enterprises' need for controls.
Problem is it's the best darn smartphone out there, again IMHO.

Compared to a Blackberry Enterprise Server which can control from a very granular level any BBs it manages, the iPhone is unmanageable by IT departments. Even Windows Mobile phone are hard to manage.

Any iPhone owner, who works for a company with AD and an OWA server, can setup his/her iPhone to sync without any approval process from IT.

Personally, I also really resent users loading iTunes on company owned equipment and then expose the company to copyright infringement issues, not to mention misuse of storage and potential data theft.
I'm sure someone will eventually come up with malware which will take advantage of the USB connection link to an Enterprise asset.

Just my 2 cents worth.

I tried to have iPhones banned at my company but we already allow people to use their personal cell phones to sync with company assets, it was a war I lost without leaving my office.

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