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Sadly locked so I can't just grave dig.

But I thought I'd let you all know, it still does that, and I still haven't changed a thing.

Seriously, same old 2003 hard drive, same old power supply. It still runs good as long as I don't walk in front of it.
I did a few moths ago finally throw out that old CRT monitor.

I don't know what is really causing the issue. If it was the board or power supply it should have died by now. I've overclocked it up to 3ghz from the 2.4 it has on stock cooling and its stable!

Isn't PC building fun! lol.

And Linux gave it some new horse power. Check it out, this is my old 9600gt running at 15-30 fps playing Trine 2 at 1080p.

I think I've just made the gremlin happy again. He likes moza cheese. I put a little in the DVD drive every day.

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