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By Ralenm ·
I have an HP d145 all in one printer and the scanner/copier does not work. HP tech support is no help, at all. Does anyone sell repair/service manuals for the device, HP says they not. Thank you...Bob

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by shasca In reply to Repair/Service Manuals
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This web page on the HP Web Site may be of some use

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Repair/Service Manuals

But as HP Do Not repair these things and bin them and hand out a new replacement one when they Fail Under Guarantee I wouldn't expect them to be of much help.

If they do not repair these things they can not offer any technical support or Spare Parts to make them work again when they are no longer under Guarantee.

HP has already worked out that it is cheaper for them to replace faulty units with new units as they do not need to carry any spare parts or employ Techs to do the actual repairs. The same still applies to units no longer covered by a Guarantee it generally costs you more for the parts than what it costs to buy a new unit. So when you take into account the Labor costs it is not Economical to actually do the repairs as it comes to more than the cost of a new Unit to replace the faulty one.


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