"s" keyboard key does not work

By ppinkepank ·
One of our users pressed a combination of keys (unknown to anyone) on his keyboard and now the "s" key does nothing. I have replaced the keyboard with a new one and it does the same. I put the old keyboard on a different tower and it works correctly. Anyone know how to reset the keyboard?

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Help us out a little...

by dawgit In reply to "s" keyboard key does not ...

Type of OS? Version? Maybe the machines you're working with would also help. Different OSs will have different ways to fix a problem. Thanks.

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More info on key not working

by ppinkepank In reply to Help us out a little...

The OS is XP Pro Sp2. CPU is 2.8 Ghz Celeron, 512 MB RAm. If I press Alt and S, i get an S. But S by itself enters nothing. Caps or not. The keyboard shows that Ctrl-S equals Save, but I don't know if that works now. I've checked StickyKey - nothing. All others keys seem to work.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Help us out a little...

go to device manager and uninstall the keyboard drivers. restart the PC. windows should load new drivers.

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makes sense

by Kiltie In reply to uninstall

By uninstalling, then rebooting, you force XP into recognising the new hardware (a keyboard) and reinstalling the drivers.

Of course this solution will only work if the driver has been corrupted, it won't work of the keyboard is damaged (but you said you tried a new one) or of a connector is broken, or if the keyboard controller on the mobo is faulty. Odd that it is just the "s" key though.

A thought here, off the top of my head, would a random keypress somehow install another keyb? In which case,if the first method fails, a "hot" reinstall of the OS (preserving programs and user data) may work, this is standard M$ response to any tech support problem that is not covered by the checklist, lol.
Although I think this is a bit over the top at this stage, this may help, certainly worth saving to favourites.

Unknown to many, but XP still uses DOS, although well hidden.

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naw, the drivers won't do that imho. there must be software installed

by sgt_shultz In reply to "s" keyboard key does not ...

i'd boot the bad system in safe mode and i bet the problem goes away. that pretty much would tell you its not the drivers. i'd have a look in control panel/add remove software for keyboard controlling software. chances seem good to me that you'll see an icon in the icon tray on the desktop for such a program.

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Progress (not) report on missing key

by ppinkepank In reply to naw, the drivers won't do ...

I reinstalled keyboard driver - no help. I reinstalled XP - no help. There are no strange/unknown programs running. Sophos anti-virus tech knows of no virus that might cause this. I have to believe it's a registry setting, but where. I am going to use one of my TechNet calls to MS.

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by dawgit In reply to Progress (not) report on ...

it have been a key logger gone bad, which won't show as a virus (not always, especially if it had a broken string- that could cause only 1 key to malfuntion) If it were from your net-work, you won't find it on your specific machine. another point you might try, if up date the BIOS. (All of what you try, I recomend be done with the computer off-line)

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What was the result of this topic?

by ron.johnson In reply to "s" keyboard key does not ...

I am having the same problem. The s and p keyboard do not work. However, when I boot into safe mode they work fine. I am using Windows XP.

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by bostontech In reply to What was the result of th ...

I had this same problem and found a registry entry using Hijackthis that, when deleted, seemed to fix the problem. The entry was in C:\windows\system32\mp4ecras.dll and identified as SSODL polameng in the hijack entries. Hope this helps.

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"s" keyboard key does not work

by giorgio777 In reply to "s" keyboard key does not ...

Hey ppinkepank.. I have the ame problem that tarted two day ago. my "s" key does not work on my Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop (Window XP Professional SP3 ). In my on-screen keyboard the "s" key does not work (I am typing this message using the on-screen keyboard for the "s" key).
Thank you !

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