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Saving Monitor Cloning options/settings

By TerrITech ·
I have a user who wants two monitors cloned at all times. Twice have I walked the user through the setup process (Properties under the desktop, Settings, Advanced tab, ATI Catalyst tab...). But today, since it wasn't cloning (likely because PC was off for weekend), I went back in with partial written instructions to update and give user when fixed, the dialogue boxes were different! I cannot find the options for Cloning or Extended...but the main question I have is whether or not once this cloning setup is set, can it be saved or "set in stone" so that everytime PC is turned on/off, it will kick on? Thanks.

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The ATI utility is fairly buggy

by robo_dev In reply to Saving Monitor Cloning op ...

Regarding your dialog box issue: I would bet the app just crashed. Or perhaps there is a 'basic mode' versus 'advanced mode' button somewhere.

To define/save profiles:

Clicking the "Profiles" button will launch the profile manager, which allows users to save all of their CATALYST Control Settings into a profile.

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Co-incidence. I was fighting ATI catalyst at work today

by TobiF In reply to The ATI utility is fairly ...

I used the native settings on Win XP to set up my laptop and a projector side-by-side.

But how I tried, powerpoint 2007 messed it all up, showing the presentation on the laptop and the "presenters view" on the wall!

But reverting back to "cloned desktop" couldn't be done. I even restarted the computer. As soon as the laptop realized that the projector was connected, it bounced back to side-by-side.

Turned out that side-by-side, you can set in native control panel, but cloned MUST BE selected via ATI's own settings... :)

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I've never had much joy with the Clone Desktop Option

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Saving Monitor Cloning op ...

I also have several end users who have Cloned Desktops and because they need these 100% of the time I don't bother with Dual Head Video Cards I just insert a Video Splitter between the Desktop system and the monitors.

Much easier and faster for the end user to use and no setup problems.


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Thanks for the Advice/Feedback!

by TerrITech In reply to I've never had much joy w ...

Thanks guys. Hope I can help sometime with others.

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Your Welcome NT

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks for the Advice/Fee ...

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