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Today is my last working day in company.while leaving concern without any intention I have cleaned my laptop ID files.just after submitting laptop got call from manager that about deletion of files and mentioned that though files in my ID he needs backup since for upcoming person will be given access.I mentioned that files were sent to shared drive and suggested most of my files in desktop so they can retrieve data from servers and As per policies ID will be blocked within 24 hrs what is the use of my work files after blocked ID.but ignoring all these,Manager mentioned that after blocking ID also they can open and give data files to third person to work and he mentioned it is process and legal.My question here is 1.though it is company file it is all related to my workings why the third person wants to see my work file?2.Is it legal to share the blocked ID data to third person without our knowledge then what is the purpose of using share drive.My manager is threatening me for F&F now.please can anyone help here.
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I might misunderstand the questions.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Security management/Data ...

But your work is owned by the company so there should be no problems here.

That is, sharing the prior employee's work data should be legal.

What is F&F?

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by illakyaramesh In reply to I might misunderstand the ...

Final and full settlement

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Delete data

by illakyaramesh In reply to I might misunderstand the ...

Is it okay to delete data in our company laptop while surrender?

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That's a legal question.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Delete data

1. Primer at

2. If there are agreements about data, etc. I can't know this but if the files are on the server then for most companies the return of the company property is all that is required (remember I do not have your agreements to read.)

3. As we work for companies the IT, HR, Product Team Leader must collect WORK IN PROGRESS. Demands for more after the end of the contract will likely be unenforceable.

4. Your question was two fold. As to what the company does with your old account is not your concern (more in item 5) since they own the laptop and your accounts on the company servers.

5. Now the caveat. Let's say your account was also SOCME (social media) accounts. There's a problem in the making as some may take it that YOU would be held accountable for tweets, etc. You didn't reveal much about this area but if there is some SOCME aspects then be sure to make and keep a file with your agreements during this tenure as they may be needed later.

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