Sever creates additional mac address?

By CookieOrc ·
I have been running wireshark on my network to see why the users are having "hic ups" when it comes to accessing server resources.

What I found baffeled me...
The sever has 2 nics. One is not even in use.
00 19 b9 b3 cc 7a
00 19 b9 b3 cc 7c < not in use

When the client lose access to resouces (which last about a minute) Wireshark shows a third MAC adress comming from my server with a duplicate IP of the server!
00 19 b9 b3 cc 7e <- MAC adress that is causing the problems..

Anyone have ANY idea what is going on?

Sever Model: Dell Poweredge 2950
Nic: Broadcom BCM5708c NetXtreme II GigE (updates drivers still same problem)
OS: W2k3

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MAC addresses

by p.j.hutchison In reply to Sever creates additional ...

Do you have anything like Network card teaming or MS Network Load Balancing enabled which may create a new MAC address?

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no, that is not enabled...

by CookieOrc In reply to MAC addresses

The Nics CAN have TOE enabled (but it is not). But load balancing is not enabled either...

So a device can honestly create its own MAC address? That is weird.

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The fix?

by CookieOrc In reply to Sever creates additional ...

What I did to solve the problem was just move the cable to the other nic... No problems reported so far.

The employees said this started to occur when they came in on a Monday.

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