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Sex toy secretly using my touch devices

By barrywestall ·
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How can a sex toy connect to all my touch devices without an app or permission to do so? Please help?

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I engineer AI, and still cannot understand how!

by engineeringera In reply to Sex toy secretly using my ...

Can you please iterate on the details of this baffling case? I engineer AI, and i'm at a loss for words, as to what is really going on!

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This sounds funny

by morglaw33 In reply to Sex toy secretly using my ...

I am sorry for your problem, but it sounds pretty funny for me... Your sex toy is acting like a jealous girlfriend and spies the devices
Anyway I would like to help you, if you would describe more the problem, how it does that? Trough bluetooth? Or how you noticed that? You should explain a bit more, so we can understand and help you.

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Few details

by barrywestall In reply to This sounds funny

The problem started about 8/9 months ago whatever the device is that my partner is using is as you say "spying on all my touch devices" this includes all ipads, phones, games consoles and even the small touchpad on my ps4 controllers i beleive it is using BLE as a connection but also requires wifi or mobile data as my own research into this has lead me to github or a similar kind of connection. I do not have the know how anout how this works only have things that ive found keep appearing on her phone or her laptop. If they are in here vicinity the device is controllable via these peripherals and without the need for an app, that is if a disguised app is not being used but im sure its origin is a remote server ofvsom sort

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