Shared HP1020 that won't print from another machine

By Jacques.Gordon ·
I?m experiencing a strange problem at work. There is a XP pro machine on a domain with a HP LaserJet 1020 connected and shared.

The printer prints from the local machine but it won?t print from other machines unless I disable bidirectional support. The problem is that if I do that then it prints fine from the network for a day or two and then all print jobs fail. If I re-enable bidirectional support and then disable it again then it works again for a day or two and then the problem comes back again. I have tried replacing the printer, the local machine and usb printer cables. The only thing I can think of now is that it must be a network problem but I can ping everything fine from the local machine and it replies to pings from the other machines. I?ve also tried resetting the switches. Please help.

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Coul you help me?

by indnets In reply to Shared HP1020 that won't ...

I read about your problem, because I have the same one.
If I disable bidirectional support at the doamin workstation A where is HP 1020 printer is installed then other domain user from another domain workstation B can print.The user A on workstation A can print too.
The problem appears, when I restarted A.Then user A can not print nor user B?!

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Check your routers

by Jacques.Gordon In reply to Coul you help me?

I found the problem with my setup.

The machine that was sharing the printer was connected to the main switch using a little 4port d-link switch. When I connected him to a 24port hp switch and re-enabled bi-directional support everything worked fine.

An even better option is buy a network printer and save yourself the headaches...

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