Simple and cheap VMS for retail store?

By 55hashimotoryuya ·
Hi I'm need some help finding VMS for my clothing store.
I saw about 2000 VMS on eBay, but being a newbie in this industry, I really need assistance to decide what to buy? Here are some functions/ features that I hope it has:
- Effective video analytics features
- Constant recording
- View from afar
Any suggestions are welcomed! And thank you in advance!
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by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Simple and cheap VMS for ...

Why do you need it for?
- For security?
- For optimizing your shop by seeing how customers behave?
- Anything else?
Please tell more about your needs.

How big is your shop?
What is your budget (for hardware, software and installation combined)?
What results do you expect from the analytics?

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