Slow printing

By laurie.lukken ·
We have been having issues with print jobs going to the HP jet directs and then the actually printing will not occur for about 10 - 15 minutes. Everything we look at tells us everything is okay but we cannot figure out what is causing the delay. Can anyone help?

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couple things

by shasca In reply to Slow printing

Check connection speed of the printer as compared to the LAN/switch speed.

Try changing by forcing 100 half, or full and test.

Change how the printer sends data to the printer. (spool before print,print directly to the printer etc...)

Try a different driver, if it is a PCL6 try the PCL5 or PS for that model

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Restart print spooler service (VBScript)

Go here, it might fix your printing issues:

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks

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A few questions

by jdclyde In reply to Slow printing

Are these network (ethernet) printers?
If so, check your cables and the hub/switch they are plugged into.

Are they directly connected with USB?
Make sure they are USB2 ports.
Change the cables.
Add memory to the printers (if they take it)

Is it slow for all file types, or just certain ones? I know PDF's can cause some major issues, especially if created with Adobe Distiller instead of the PDF writer because of how much information they compress into the files.

Clear your temp folder the PC's.

Start - Run - %temp%
Select all and delete. empty recycle bin and reboot.

Post back if you are still having issues. Please include model numbers, the type of connections, and the file types you are having issues printing, was well as the OS of the workstations.

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Thank you

by laurie.lukken In reply to Slow printing

Thank you to all that posted. Our issue just magically disappeared just as it appeared.

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