Spilled water on my laptop by accident.Will it be permanently damaged?

By bamikhan7 ·
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I've accidentally spilled some water on my laptop and I turned it off not that long afterwards. I'm letting it dry now. Will it be okay or will it be permanently damaged? Even if it does turn out to be okay, I'm scared of my laptop getting damaged even a tiny bit. I'm scared of the thought of the spill having even the tiniest effect on my laptop's performance.
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Impossible to say with certainty.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Spilled water on my lapto ...

After it dries out, test it and you will know. You might be lucky and nothing shorted out, or maybe it did short out. If it doesn't work properly, take it to a repair center to evaluate. In some cases, it is cheaper to replace than to attempt to fix. Best of luck.

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by tyeberg73 In reply to Spilled water on my lapto ...

If you just spilled a bit, then the laptop's heat would dry that up in no time.

But if it is a lot, it's hard to say...

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It will work only if you are lucky

by 96vr46 In reply to Spilled water on my lapto ...

I once spilled water on my dell laptop. I quickly removed the battery and dismantled each of its part to let it dry thoroughly for 2-3 days. Then again I reconnected all the parts and it worked. Thing is if you spill water and than don't turn off your laptop quickly, there might be short circuit in the motherboard which is not easily reparable and you have to replace the motherboard entirely and that's costly.

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