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By nswamy ·
With refrence to recent article that says money is not the only insentif for staff to stay on:-

The body of information is concise , well presented. It does however remain conceptual;
Could culture and region make a difference in requirements? Ex. countries in which MNC purely treats the market as a sales prospect, people may be still be driven by money and salary. Hence what ever possibilties a company may offer in terms of work enviroment and fullifilment through training etc. people still short change employer and run over to the next guys who offers few hundered dollars more.

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by Bob Gately In reply to Staff Retention

The secret is to select competent employees based on their degree of job fit. Those with more of it become better employees than those with less of it. Most employers don't know how to determine job fit so they ignore it.

When employres are not motivated by the job--lack job fit--we should not be surprised that they focus on money.

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by dzilm In reply to Staff Retention

In general, techo's like toys. Exec's like $$ & showmanship.

Techo's like toys. These tech 'toys' are usually items that will assist their tech training. Provide SOME and everbody benifets. Provide none and you hinder their development, moral and ultimately stay in the co.

Execs like prestige, bigger salaries to support their 'position related expenses'.

Treat all your staff with repect, compassion, fairness and they will be a greater benifet to the orginisaton - irrespective of their skill set.

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