Strange home wifi network behaviours

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I have a strange problem. So I have 2 computers at home, one desktop pc on which I like to game and one laptop that my girlfriend uses to watch TV shows. I have noticed that whenever the laptop gets turned on and a youtube video is opened the entire network slows down significantly. I have a 10Mbps broadband ADSL connection and the modem is an old TP=link wifi router/modem.

The router interface has QoS settings as well as bandwidth control settings however fiddling with these and setting them up did not really change the situation in any meaningful way. I should mention that the router is 10 years old and I got it when the internet was installed.

Eventually scouring the web for answers I came upon an app called NetCut. This is a home wifi monitoring and limiting tool and it actually works great however using this app I have noticed some unusual behaviour that I cant make sense of. I did a bunch of tests where I did broadband speed test 10 times and took the averages.

Test 1: All devices are disconnected except for the desktop. Speed test shows 10-12 Mbps. Ping is around 20 ms.

Test 2: The desktop is connected and the laptop is connected with a youtube video playing at 420p. Ping jumps to 400-500 ms and speed at 1-2 Mbps, sometimes even going below 1 Mbps.

Test 3: I use Netcut to limit the laptop bandwidth to 1 Mbps. Testing on the desktop, ping is back down to around 30 ms, but the bandwidth is now only 5 Mbps.

So I am limiting the laptops usage of bandwidth to 1 Mbps of a 10Mbps connection and I can CLEARLY SEE in the netcut interface that it is only using 1 Mbps but the desktop speed is still only 5 Mbps. Shouldnt it be 9 Mbps? WHere is the 4 Mbps that is missing going? I dont know anything about networking so is this some strange property that I just dont know about?

Thanks for the help.

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Need more information

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Strange home wifi network ...

What make/model of router/modem are you using? Since it is at least 10 years old, might be time to get a newer model.

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I wish it worked like that.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Strange home wifi network ...

But no, because of timing, spacing and safety 10 - 1 is less than 9 remaining.

Try getting WIRED to preserve and maximize what little you have to work with.

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Ah yes, another victim of ISP math...

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Strange home wifi network ...

you see, when you buy the plan that looks like a 10mbs plan, you are actually purchasing speeds "up to 10mbs", not guaranteed any speed at all. The other issue, your router is more likely than not to delegate the available bandwidth based upon number of devices attached. It will see it has X bandwidth available, Y number of devices attached/active, give each device X/Y bandwidth, even if you assign 1 device to lower prevalence, the device is still remembering Y number of devices attached, so the other device is only ascribed whatever fraction X/Y is...Unless you can increase the bandwidth to preferred device. You might check your router configuration, The other problem, on the ISP end, you can't do anything about.
One other word of caution...when your girlfriend is desiring to view TV shows on the laptop, be prepared to answer why her viewing experience is subpar! Also, it may be advisable to wear protective gear in case a laptop gets hurled in your direction! Hehe

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by danielbora In reply to Strange home wifi network ...

its time to change your router no need to worry about it

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Strange home wifi network behaviours

by dangrantwduc In reply to Strange home wifi network ...

Considering that your router is already ten years old, I think you really need to change it.

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