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Tech school or Bachelors?

By Bpmiller34 ·
I am currently 7 months into my degree at a university and plan to finish it out, but I was thinking about the alternative of a technical school. I saw they offer many vital certs to the field, and so feel like that would be a good stepping stone to get your foot into employment. What're your guys thoughts on this? Would a technical school be a smarter first step then completing a bachelors after? Thanks in advance.
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Bachelor's Degree

by jeannieteck1971 In reply to Tech school or Bachelors?

I would recommend that you complete your Bachelor's. In my opinion, it is more valuable than a tech certificate. Tech certs are valuable, and you will be employable with one of them. However, when it comes to moving up the corporate ladder and being well recognized in the industry, a Bachelor's degree has more value. You can get a tech cert like a Microsoft, Oracle, or Red Hat, depending on your interest to seal the deal on getting a well-paying job.
With only a tech cert, you are not able to move forward to getting an advanced degree (if you are interested). With a Bachelor's, you have the option of getting one.

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Tech school for focused learning

by ningle1 In reply to Tech school or Bachelors?

For general understanding it is important to get at least Bachelor. After that it is easier for you to choose which way you would like to go and find an appropriate courses/tech school. At least it worked in my case.

Good luck!

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tech school

by talhaaxhar34 In reply to Tech school or Bachelors?

i am currently working at software house and believe me there people those are bachelors and earning less than people those who did school and then do some tech courses so from my point of view go to tech school you will nit regret it.
thanks have a nice day.

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