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TechRepublic's official feedback thread for the 2011 upgrade

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
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Alright, so we've launched the new version of TechRepublic and we're very pretty excited about. See:

On the other hand, we know that we've moved your cheese (see and we realize that many of you who come here everyday are going to take a while to get used to the new layout.

However, we'd like your constructive feedback, and your help in running down bugs and alerting us to things we've inadvertently (or purposefully) changed that could have unintended consequences. Please post your feedback, bugs, errors, (and even applause) in this thread. If someone posts something that you agree with or were going to post then use the "+" voting button to vote it up. If someone posts something you disagree with then use the "-" voting button to vote it down.

Thanks in advance for helping us make the site better. We always appreciate your time and input.

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At last, someone acknowledges the option.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I'll be one of the blank ...

It's not like an avatar is a requirement. If one doesn't want to use avatar, the default silhouette is always an option.

I'd still like to see the TR flag as the default instead.

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It was always heavily encouraged though

by Oz_Media In reply to I'll be one of the blank ...

TR used to encourage it. they did a points and (reward?) system once to get people to complete profiles and upload an avatar. I know people's avatar's as I would recognize faces in the real world. TR once wanted to encourage use of avatars and completing profiles (as many good sites force you to do before posting) as it cuts down on spammers. People won't post spam links and run if it is a more involved registration process, thus you build a better community with fewer 'post and runs'.

Now you have a choice, register with a new host, upload and reformat an avatar, welcoming more junk mail and spam, or don't have an avatar. If the latter, why have them at all ,if they are all going to be blank avatars then there's simply no point at all in using them to begin with, just list by user name.

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Same here

by Slayer_ In reply to I'll be one of the blank ...

I'm not interested in signing up for another site. Especially since I can't just use a garbage email address, (or can I?)

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Me too

by JackOfAllTech In reply to I'll be one of the blank ...

What could possibly be so hard about just letting us upload a small pic directly from our own PCs? FB does it and so do any number of other, smaller sites.

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I'm with you

by Tigger_Two In reply to From your perspective isn ...

I set up an account and I *might* find a value in it at some time in the future, but I would have liked to take my time thinking it through.

There are sites that I use that I don't care to use a picture of me, others where I use a specific avatar for specific reasons, still others that I would prefer a more professional appearing pic. In my experience, one size rarely fits all.

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You actually can do that with Gravatar

by Justin James Contributor In reply to I'm with you

Gravatar allows you to use a different picture on a per-site basis. It's a good system, and I like it, but it's not for everyone and it's not a good thing that TR forces you to use it if you want to use a picture.


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@Justin - Per site?

by NickNielsen In reply to I'm with you

I know they allow per email address, but I didn't see anything about per site.

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@Nick - Yup, per site

by Justin James Contributor In reply to I'm with you



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by AnsuGisalas In reply to I'm with you

I just now went and checked a webcomic I've been folllowing, and the comments I wrote in the feedback section... and now they have this gravatar next to them!!
And it's not like I've posted there through a login or anything, I just provided my email address in the comment form as required! :0
Talk about nebulous...

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to I'm with you

On that, and another note, I may stay blank.

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