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TechRepublic's official feedback thread for the 2011 upgrade

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
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Alright, so we've launched the new version of TechRepublic and we're very pretty excited about. See:

On the other hand, we know that we've moved your cheese (see and we realize that many of you who come here everyday are going to take a while to get used to the new layout.

However, we'd like your constructive feedback, and your help in running down bugs and alerting us to things we've inadvertently (or purposefully) changed that could have unintended consequences. Please post your feedback, bugs, errors, (and even applause) in this thread. If someone posts something that you agree with or were going to post then use the "+" voting button to vote it up. If someone posts something you disagree with then use the "-" voting button to vote it down.

Thanks in advance for helping us make the site better. We always appreciate your time and input.

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anyone else notice this? "Image Galleries show double thumbnails"

by Who Am I Really In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

on this page:

I see two sets of the thumbnails for the images

the first set is 5 wide,
and the second set is 8 wide
both sets contain the exact same images
as well as the blue highlighted border around the current image on screen

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Them there

by santeewelding In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

"Areas of specialty" -- would they be pertinent to poignance, too? Or, has poignancy nothing to do with the "Information" of IT?

Edit: something else awry. My post was in direct reply to yours, Jason; only, it ends up down here.

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Microsoft could have done better

by john3347 In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

You guys must have spent a lot of sleepless nights to have screwed up something SOOOOO badly that wasn't even broken to start with. Looks like the work of a crack team within Microsoft bowels. The only good thing about the "new look" is that now you have something that actually does desperately need fixing.

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by darpoke In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

I was pleasantly surprised to find someone had voted my earlier comment +1 (thank you, unknown TR member!), but less pleasantly surprised to find I could 'plus one' myself. Now I am unable to 'minus one' to return my original vote status! I feel like Governor <a href="">Elbridge Gerry</a> himself... :-/

Might I suggest (i) that one is unable to vote at all on one's own posts; and (ii) that if one votes one way or another on a post, that they are allowed to undo this action. It's quite right to allow me to +1 a post only once (as long as I didn't write it!) but I ought to be able to -1 it back to its original state, in case I mistakenly supported a sentiment with which I disagree - not so difficult to achieve given the proximity of the two discreetly small buttons.

It appears that voting is anonymous - quite rightly - but I would still hate for an accidental mouseclick to inadvertently strengthen apparent support for the rantings of some chump - sorry, esteemed TR colleague - especially given the frequency with which I have encountered such individuals among the fine people that make up this community. Why is it that they are often among the most vocal? Ah, a question for another time.

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HTTP 500 Error

by gechurch In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

I must be alone because I haven't seen anyone else mention this, but I subscribe to email alerts when new discussion posts are added, and for at least a week every one of these gives me an HTTP 500 (internal server error) message.

I have tried the links in mutliple browsers, and also from a terminal server that I've never visited TechRepublic on before. An example of a link that does it is:

Does anyone else have the same problem?

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Already caught and posted in the bug list

by NickNielsen In reply to HTTP 500 Error

I have found that stripping the tags from the end of the link ("&alertspromo=100901?tag=nl.rCOMBINED") fixes the problem. It's a pain, but it works.

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Test Post

by mckinnej In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

Was getting Access Denied error on the new site when I tried to post comments. Testing to see if issue is resolved.

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Bring back the Print/View All

by Old-Fart-IV In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

Was much easier to read and follow discussions -- Why remove/update/break a feature that was useful??

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Not sure about this new layout

by hartkl In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

I have to say I am finding navigating this new layout is not as user friendly as it should be. I like to review the downloads and software section and finding it much harder to quickly review. Time is short in the day and I like to be able to quickly look over and pull out what I need and go. The old layout was much easier to navigate.

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Were are my favorites/Saved blogs list?

by HckrAdm2005 In reply to TechRepublic's official f ...

Before in the old view I was able to view a list of saved items with key words that I have made Ex: Certain posts/blogs I found interesting towards PC Tool tips I would save a link/save them with the words PC Tools. Then when ever I wanted to see all the posts/blogs that I liked for PC Tools I would click on the link PC Tools.
Is that Hiding somewhere else now or is that completely gone???

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