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Thanx for the tips to promote more Outsourcing

By Orpheum ·
Hoorah! and a round of applause for techrepublics netnote email which must have reache a couple of million people. Now I truly understand what happened. When you give MIS's resources (excel spreadsheets woohoo!) on how to go about outsourcing to cut costs and reduce budgets, the jobs are not outsourced outside the American companies to other consulting firms in the US- THEY'RE LEAVING THE COUNTRY!!! US consulting operations in the Tech Supp industry are at a screetching halt and have been closing up shop since 2002. Have you not heard the cries and woes in the general world of American IT professionals at the blue and shade-off white collarlevel ?????????????????????????????!!!!! We're bankrupt here - Some of your fine members and subscribers have not had a job in months, some since 9/11!!!!! I think it was utterly irresponsible and slightly foolish to give the executive powers such a destructive tool to continue destroying our IT workforce(or what's left) and our general economy!! Did you know that IBM has a VERY VERY LARGE training center in INDIA!! which tutors the already veteran Tech Support department there on the American accent and lingo so that IBM's customers won't distinguish them and recognize this tragedy already in transit for four and a half years???!!! We're too busy here trying to keep ahead of India in learning technologies and discovering research and dev which have been built and already implemented in overseas tech-labs. Now we're sending emails to more US based corporations to 'tip them off' on how to cut more corners in their IT depts and 'outsource' more jobs away - WHAT'S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!?!?!?
How about sending an email to some wives and children around the country explaining why they're cost of living or mortgage is not in great harmony with their breadwinners' industry and suggest they move to Bombay/Mumbay??!?!?!?!

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Employment in India

by gscutt In reply to Is Yelt62 Ready for Bomba ...

Unfortunately, desireable employment in India requires fluency in English and/or Hindi....

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Alternative Missing from the Spreadsheet

by Sagax In reply to Outsourcing reality

"Work from Home" is an alternative to sending out the work (often to foreign shores). If the work can be sent to India, it can be sent to the employees home. And many, many Americans would be pleased to make the personal investment in adequate PCs, space in the home, broad-band internet and such (if they have not already done so) to facilitate home work.

SAVINGS: expensive office space, costly office equiptment, operating expenses (heat, light, janitorial, etc.)

RISK: Poor work ethic. I have spoken with employers who have "tried" work-from-home. Because of failure to get the work done, the programs were cancelled. The worker must be committed to being at their workstation and taking care or business at least as consistently as if going into the employers workplace.

TO DO: C|Net should do surveys of both sucessful and unsuccessful work-from-home programs. OK, that has been done, but do it again because things have changed since then. Then add that to the spreadsheet as another alternative.

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Now you using your strategic skills!

by jfoster In reply to Alternative Missing from ...

Great move... let me add that what is missing with work from home model is the "new" employment contract that comes with the territory. It basically compensates the home based employee on his/her productivity... not just a 40 hour work week. There need to be measures put in place that track/report/incentivize, etc. an employee and make them responsible for their work deliverable.

This concept is coming and will eliminate managements concerns of "Is John really working while he is at his home office and not doing personal activities?"

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that's not the point, but even if it were....

by The_Gnome In reply to Now you using your strate ...

The whole point of outsourcing is to get rid of the _American_ worker, not to get rid of the _office_ worker. The real difference in cost to the company depends on the country in which the worker sits, not the building.

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by jfoster In reply to that's not the point, but ...

The POINT of outsourcing is CHEAPER LABOR... the RESULTS are certain level jobs being lost to another market... typically outside the US at this point.

There will be many IT jobs that CANNOT be outsourced and those are the ones IT folks need to retool and focus on.

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Please list it.

by tiendvu In reply to correction

Can you list those IT jobs that CANNOT be outsourced, so I can focus on?

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outsourcing insourcing who cares

by rodney.beard In reply to correction

well people have finally started to stop complaining about the migrant farm workers from mexico cheap labor for jobs nobody really wants. So I am going to quit complaining about companies who thanks to us are under the gun by thier stockholder to eek out every last penny of profit possible or face a stock sell off and doom. Us the people working in IT need to realize it is not the intent of companies to get rid of American jobs but to survive in a global economy. America is still the land of opportunity so why rely on someone else to make your opportunities for you and go out and make you own

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On the Mark

by Mr_Fancy_Pants In reply to correction

Here, Here, You hit the nail on the head. We have come too a Paradigm shift in the job maket, just as the big automakers did in the 70's when Japan made a hugh impact shipping cheap, better quality cars to the US.

The short term fix the "Unions" went after was to pressured Congress to raise import taxes on all imported auto's. This did not stop the flow of imported auto's, it caused the big three to retool their thinking and come up with a more Competitive product and service.

This will happen in the IT field as well.

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Right on the Money

by yelt62 In reply to correction

I have had to do it many times in my career in IT. Started in PC Maintenance (outsourced, Networking (outsourced), Project Management (outsourced), Reliability / Enterprise System Management currently inhouse but I will likely outsource it in the next 3 years.

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Poor workmanship is mostly poor Management

by altekmg In reply to Alternative Missing from ...

I have been a champion of work from home for more years than I would like to admit. I started a campain with my then employer in 1988 to have systems analysts and support personnel work from home.

It took almost 7 years but when we finally received approval the results were amazing.

I (and every other manager willing to try it) sat down with our direct reports and negotiated what constituted 40 hours of work. The amount varied with the individual. I had twice weekly meetings with the work at homes to review work schedules and assist with any obstacles.

After about six or eight weeks I was finding I needed to suggest to the analysts that they might want to spend a little less time logged on. Yes, I was seeing connect times in the wee hours of the morning and late at night. Productivity went up a little over 27%.

People will meet or exceed your expectation of them. And they will put as much effort into the work as the management pays attention to the goal.

Just my experience with work from home.

Thomas L.Smith Jr.

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