The best online identity protection on people search engines and Google?

By JRR66 ·
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I need to ask the security guys a question regarding online identity protection. I am looking for the best online identity protection, such as DeleteMe or Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant. I am just not sure which is the best one to get, as I'm still doing research on which is the best one. This is mainly to protect against people search engines, and Google searches. I need to opt out of people search engines without having to go through each one individually, and make sure any google search results with my information (like phone number, address, etc) are removed.

What is the best service available? I also need a family plan option in there.
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I have doubts about this

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to The best online identity ...

I don't think there is any way a consumer can remove themselves from such a list, nor would it be easy to determine which lists your information may or may not be associated with. While the Federal Govt has a "Do Not Call List" it cannot prevent overseas companies from dialing your number. The existing tools/applications can reduce the incidence, it cannot eliminate it 100%. Same situation with your personal information (address, name, phone #, or any other personal information),

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Have to agree here.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to The best online identity ...

Sadly there's money to be made with such apps and services. I can't see how they can possibly put the Genie back into the bottle!

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Minimal Chances

by Old Molases In reply to The best online identity ...

The best you can do is keep your IP & Location hidden using a VPN. It nearly impossible to accomplish of what you mentioned. Also, what you can do is study the cookies thoroughly when filling our forms, and how that data can be used. You can also adjust your social media setting a way that you are not discoverable in the Google Searches.

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