Toshiba external Hard drive PH3100

By vhicks1 ·
Where can I get the software/download driver. hard to find online even on toshiba site.
1tera in size,I want to maximize it's use..for example I want to subsistute it for my desktop which is 1.00GB.I want to mainly operate from it,utilize it's size to run programs and other function from.I'm not a gamer.I run 3 browsers from 3 monitors and I have a lot of pages open at one time, I do network marketing..

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Not sure exactly what you need

by robo_dev In reply to Toshiba external Hard dri ...

In general, it's not a good idea to try to use an external drive as your primary drive.

If you're using it as a USB drive, this will not work, since Windows does not support this, and, in any case, performance over USB would be terrible.

If you're using Windows to connect this drive to your PC, you don't need any software to make this work, as Windows will automatically recognize the external drive.

If it were possible to make it work, the only software you would need would be a copy of Windows, as you would need to reinstall your OS on the external drive, and boot Windows from there. But again, this won't work.....

if you did need software, it would be here:**14&rpn=&modelFilter=PH3100U-1EXBC&selCategory=2756711&selFamily=240**10

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Best Usage

by vhicks1 In reply to Not sure exactly what you ...

I thank you for your reply. so the best usage for this"large external drive is to clear up space on my main by putting files and programs on it, Can I run the programs from it though such as skyp,QuickTime McAfee, and others etc,,

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Why do you need a driver?

by dldorrance In reply to Toshiba external Hard dri ...

This is an external HDD with USB and eSATA connectors to the computer. Your computer should recognize it. This is certainly true for Windows and Linux.

Regarding the USB portion. You need to be very careful if you plan to store your information on a USB HDD, as it is very easy to lose everything, including access to the drive, by unplugging the USB cable while the drive is in use. Judging by the number of posts here (as well as personal experience) it is fair to assume this is a fairly frequent phenomenon. I have no experience with eSATA HDD's.

Have you considered purchasing a 1 Tb HDD for internal use, cloning your current HDD and installing the larger one in place of the current one?

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Best Answer, see above

by robo_dev In reply to Why do you need a driver?

"purchase a 1 Tb HDD for internal use, cloning your current HDD and installing the larger one in place of the current one"

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In addition to the above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Toshiba external Hard dri ...

There are a couple of other things you need to understand. This External HDD will not properly cool the HDD in it. You need a Actively Cooled Enclosure like the MX1 from Antec to run a External HDD all of the time or at least a lot of the time.

To run anything like an OS off a External Drive the Computer Must support booting from a USB Device and this is located in the BIOS.

You need to set the BIOS to Boot Off a USB Device and save the changes as you exit the BIOS. Most systems with a 1 GB HDD do not support this option so it's probably not possible with your computer.

The next thing to do if you have a suitable computer is to load the chosen OS to the External HDD and again the Computer needs to support this option. If you want to use some form of Windows it has to be XP or newer and then you are going to have speed issues as USB is very slow compared to Data Transfer Rates inside the computer.

Even with USB3 which is just becoming available with new hardware I wouldn't attempt this. But if you insist you will need a Windows Install Disc as apposed to a System Makers Recovery Disc as they Will Not support the option to load to a USB HDD. Then with Windows XP or newer you need to format the External HDD and install the OS to that Drive. But as the Hardware will automatically set the Internal HDD as the Primary Boot Device you will be unable to use this External HDD with any other computer as the necessary files will not be present to start the Loading process. These files will be on the Primary Boot Drive of the system that this drive OS was loaded on.

You will also need to locate the enclosure on a surface where it Can Not suffer any Vibration. If it gets moved in the slightest while it is running you can expect it to die very quickly and you'll loose any Data that you have on it. If the data must be recovered urgently expect to pay a Data Recovery Company about $50,000.00 US to recover the Data.

Still think that this is a Viable Option?

OH and after you get the OS installed if you want to use some form of Windows you'll need to install the Drivers for your Computer/M'Board and then any Service Packs/Hot Fixes/Patches that have become available since your Install Media was made and then any software that you need.


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Like the girl who says no, even if you were the last man on earth

by robo_dev In reply to In addition to the above

and the guy says..."so that means that I have a chance??"

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