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Users of XP should just Dump it

By Ez_Customs ·
Windows XP was and still is the most pirated software out there in terms of OS. This reason is because well Frankly, the people think the same way I do. XP isn't worth the money to buy it. Okay Vista OG was a flop, but even Windows VIsta Owns XP when installed with SP1 installed from the Get Go.

However I do agree with MS pushing Windows 7. Why? Well becuase in teh 3 years or so I have been using, I myself and all my customers who took the plung, never ounce had anything happen that got in the way. The only ones that did were people who didn't have hardware with Vista drivers available. With this said. MS is doing the right thing, finally in teh what 25 years they have been around. The end users need to wake up and figure out that better technology of course always has a learnign curve, but really 7 is and will always be easier to learn the XP ever was.

Sure Bill Gates Prized OS XP did turn out to be a decent OS, and finally spending 10 bux as I did to get my legit copy was actualyl worth it, but Windows 7 is worth every penny. Stop laggin Wake up and get off XP, IT iS DEAD!

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Get your Win7 system to play two different sound streams out two different.

by Slayer_ In reply to Users of XP should just D ...

...sets of speakers using two sound cards.... You can't. But XP can. This is difficult to accomplish in Linux as well, but Win XP + GOM player or Classic media player, works perfect.

So if I want to (And I do almost constantly) catch up on my TV shows and watch the downloaded ones, while playing a game, my TV outputs the TV show sound, and my computer outputs the game sound.

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Its not that easy

by AV . In reply to Users of XP should just D ...

We plan to move to Windows 7 within the next 2 years at work, but our critical legacy apps have to be upgraded first. So does the hardware.

If I could, I'd move right now to Windows 7, but it's not that easy.


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This receives my nomination for the troll post of the week.

by Ron K. In reply to Users of XP should just D ...
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So it wasn't just me?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to This receives my nominati ...

A tech who encourages piracy. XP wasn't worthy buying, but millions thought it was worth stealing. WTF?

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Nope. Not just you.

by seanferd In reply to So it wasn't just me?

I just felt no need to repeat what Ron had so clearly articulated.

I also noticed the contradiction you have pointed out.

v/ & v/

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Check his history

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Nope. Not just you.

This subject seems to be his obsession. He's too radical and offensive to be a paid MS shill. Apparently he's just obsessed with XP, the way some sports fans spend all their time discussing a player they hate.

Poor guy could obviously use some 'professional help', if you know what I mean.

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Mr. Gates

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Check his history

And Dr. Hyde!
Could it be?

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Wow, OK.

by seanferd In reply to Check his history

Windows 7 was <i>his</i> idea.

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Lets look at reality for a minute here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Users of XP should just D ...

One customer who runs XP does so because they have to. Their Mission Critical Software isn't written to run on anything newer and as it's a small scale application it's not only incredibly expensive, doesn't have anything to compare with it there are currently no plans to rewrite it for either Vista or 7.

But also take into account a Network Printer that they have in place that they had to build a new building to house, it costs well over 55K and it doesn't have any Vista or 7 Drivers. The person from M$ just said buy a new printer which if it was a $100.00 unit would be acceptable but as they can buy about 20 High End NB's for the cost of this printer you work out what they want to do here.

To me it's an easy decision look at a 2K Computer that will work very well with 7 but not be able to print anything on the existing hardware or stick with what they already have which works and be happy with it. Not much brain Power required as to what they wan to do here buy all new hardware including a network printer or stick with what they have which works doesn't cost any money. Sure they may want new NB's at some point but they are not going to consider using 7 till after their Network Printer comes out of it's Service Contract which is still 3 years away so it's a No Brainier as to what they want when you consider the costs of what you call Upgrading.

Not to mention that they will be unable to actually do their work as their main application doesn't work on 7 and it's a No Win Situation for M$ Representatives who constantly tell them to upgrade as the M$ Product is the most expensive thing that they will ever use and the computers and associated equipment are cheap to replace.


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Us too...

by Dr Dij In reply to Lets look at reality for ...

We have mission critical medical apps that run on XP.

The horror of this debate is not which OS is better, it is that this debate even comes up. It is an Obamanation [sic] that m$ screws around with the OS so much and so frequently that the operating system version even has to be considered.

While they have gotten over the horrors of updating .DLLs versions so that older apps would not run till you re--registered an older version

(their excuse was that 'it will enable the programs to use new functionality without being upgraded, instead it would tend to break apps)

Sadly, m$ is in the biz to shovel out copies of new and improved (wait there's more!!) OSes like late night 'seen on TV' jockey Billy Mays.

In reality they should be concerned with providing a stable environment that apps dating back to the beginning of time could run on (in computer terms that is about 20 years since the beginning of windoze)

And DON'T TELL ME THEY COULDN"T DO THIS! what with virtual environments and virtual this and virtual OS versions on a PC, they certainly could. As part of a class I downloaded a version of high end reporting tool that was put by instructor in a virtual environment so that it would run without question. I've lost use of some great programs I wish I could run due to this OS thing and the makers not updating software. Why should they be forced to put in the effort when the OS maker was the one who caused the problem?

I also have a student version of a high end math prog that only runs on XP / 2000. I was searching for a new computer and have to therefore get refurbs with XP pro.

to paraphrase a TV person, 'STOP THE OS MADNESS!!!!

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