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VB.net Blank MsgBox

By talbot ·
I was getting a blank button in my msgbox, and blank text. I found the answer to my problem on .net247

Its to do with McAfee ViruScan version 8 and its buffer overun protection.
Turning off the buffer overun protection from the VirusScan console cured the problem.
I'm going to let Network Associates know as my company subscribes to them and we have 250 client licences!
Hope this will be of use to others.

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by vimal.gopal In reply to VB.net Blank MsgBox

Hi. Thank God for smart people like you and Google. I want to thank you for doing all this research and figuring out what the heck was going on. And I want to thank Google for putting me in touch with your post by simply searching 'Visual Basic .NET MsgBox Blank'. I got to your post in seconds. It's times like these I'm amazed with the web and how it saves time and puts people together in some amazing ways.

As for this annoyance of a problem, you'd think Network Associates would have a patch out by now or something!

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by Jaqui In reply to VB.net Blank MsgBox

so security breach scripting language ( visual basic ) using security breach protocols ( .net )
and you expect a SECURITY program to care?
grab a slice of reality.

oh, yeah, they think like you do, that bill gate's sh!t don't stink.
and require security breach activex on thier website.
forget it.
never mind.
hope your systems get eaten by every virus out there, you insist on leaving them exposed.

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Grumpy Programmers

by The Snakke In reply to okay

Why is it that all of the Anti-Bill Gates programmers are so grumpy? ...Oh that's right they are either unemployed or underpayed. Sorry dumb question.

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by gpinto In reply to VB.net Blank MsgBox

I was becoming crazy and this help me!
I wonder how did you managed to get it?

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VB.net Blank MsgBox

by jaba_net1 In reply to VB.net Blank MsgBox

I have also faced the same issue luckily found your reply and it has helped me to solve the bug easily.

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Solution 2

by s.lorenzato In reply to VB.net Blank MsgBox

Upgrade Mcafee Viruscan Enterpise v. 8.0i with last patch 10 (download from Nai site the new program version). Works fine without disabling the Overflow Buffer.
Thanks for the solution 1.

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