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Vertical mouse: a cure for wrist problems?

Hello fellow techs

Due to the usuall wrist/shoulder problems associated with intensive use of mouse, I've been looking into ways to diminish my pains (literally...). I've come across something I'd never heard about: vertical mouses! Saddly, none of the local stores have any, so I can't even grip one just to try it. Which leaves me with the option of e-buying one. But before I do, I'd like to hear opinions. Anyone uses such mice? Do you think it's worth it? And if you do, which brand/model are you using (I'm a Logitech fan, but they have none)?

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I tried one a few years ago,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Vertical mouse: a cure fo ...

for the same reasons you mention. I recall it was from 3M. I quickly found it uncomfortable, but in a different way. The portion of my hand in contact with the mouse's base (the outside of the palm) became tired from supporting the weight of my hand. If the model you're considering has a joystick long enough to grip without resting your hand on the base, I suspect you'll quickly find that as irritating to your wrist and shoulder as a conventional mouse. They'll be supporting the weight of your arm without a flat surface to rest on.

If your shoulder is giving you problems, it may be that your desk / mousing surface is too high or low. I solved my wrist issues two ways. The first was to get a Contour Per-Fit mouse, available in four right-handed sizes and three for lefties at The second step was to force myself to switch hands. I went from using a right-hand mouse to a left-hand configuration. It took about six weeks to get used to it.

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Good info

by JLVFR In reply to I tried one a few years a ...

Hadn't thought of the "supporting the weight of my hand" problem. Thanks for the info.

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