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Very slow Macbook Pro Retina mid 2015

By Trail71 ·
Tags: Apple
I have a mid 2015 Macbook Pro retina - has suddenly become ultra slow! And I mean unusably slow.

Have done all the usual things - SMC and PRAM reset - reinstalled the OS

The Mac is even slow and laggy when in recovery mode so I'm guessing hardware?

Blackmagic read/write speeds are around 150-200mpbs - Memtest checks out fine as does Drive DX

Could this be a logic board issue?
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First suggestion was going to be

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Very slow Macbook Pro Ret ...

a dying hard drive but I see that the mid 2015 MBP uses flash storage.
If those Black Magic results are real, then you have an extremely slow Flash drive there. Typical readings would be in MB/s
Flash storage has a limited life span and when they go, they tend to go fast.
While the processor could be at fault, it cannot be changed out. Replacing that mean replacing the enter logic board which will cost about as much as a new MBP. Flash Storage, on the other hand, can be replaced but Apple is very proud of it, which is reflected in the price.
You mentioned reinstalling the OS. with just the OS installed and no 3rd part stuff, was there any difference in the speed?

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Slow what ever state it is in

by Trail71 In reply to First suggestion was goin ...

Hi there

Yes - a vanilla install is exactly the same - have also booted from a USB into a ubuntu live install and that is the same

Do you think that it could be the SSD even when running from in Recovery mode?

I've seen a used one on ebay for about 20 quid which might make it worth a punt

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At £20 it's certainly worth a try

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Slow what ever state it i ...

ensure that it is exactly the same type as the one installed, there are a number of variations.

Just had another theory shot down. Removing RAM and rebooting but I see there are no RAM slots in that MBP.

Try the drive replacement, it's a cheap enough attempt even if it fails.


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If you do decide to get it repaired.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Very slow Macbook Pro Ret ...

Look up Louis Rossmann. In fact you should call them and see what they think as some models should never be repaired.

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Unfortunately the OP is not in the US

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to If you do decide to get i ...

The use of "Quid" would indicate UK.


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Still would call.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Unfortunately the OP is n ...

Louis knows folk around the world but still would ask if this model has known issues. At least they got 5 or more years out of it.

-> And yes, do try another drive as it's cheap.

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In the news. 2015 Macbook Pro.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Unfortunately the OP is n ...

Not the problem you noted but we do know that many laptops clock down if there are hardware issues. Just this week someone discussed this issue with me. But hey, let's hear what Louis says next:

Takeaways: This failure is very rare. Also, Louis gets machines from all over the world.

-> Notice Ifixit calls out the battery as well as heatsink compound at,+slow+and+lagging+MacBook

There's a lot of possible issues on Trail71's laptop. So which would I attempt first? The cheapest one.

This advice was given to me decades ago. It applies to just about any repair job where you're not sure what part it is.

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Final outcome

by Trail71 In reply to Very slow Macbook Pro Ret ...

Hi all

So I've got my Macbook back from Apple - long story short, they say they tried a new NVME drive and it worked fine but at £220 it's not cost-effective to replace it in my eyes

I purchased a used original apple nvme from ebay and have just installed it - sadly the Macbook is exactly the same.

I know it could be that this drive is also faulty, but I find that too much of a coincidence.

My question is, as the Macbook is now going to sell for spares, is there an adapter that lets me convert the Apple NVME drive to a more convention connector? I can at least change the drive into a portable disk at the very least.


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Not quite what I want

by Trail71 In reply to Let's find out?

That’s not what I’m after

I want to be able to covert it the other way around - make the apple nvme connector fit into a standard drive enclosure

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