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Virtual environments for developers

By Niall Baird ·
Ok - I understand why various IT security departments want to enforce virtual environments on developers, but come on.

We have to use some pretty processor intensive software, and I'm afraid, even with all the advances that have been made, that virtual environments are just too slow to be of practical use when you're programming. Its a false economy because the extra time taken each time you click on a mouse button or attempt to highlight some text, then fix your "mistakes" caused by the network/software lag totally surpasses the supposed loss of time from having a developer manage his/her own machine.

In recent times, I've worked at two banks, one private, one retail, and both have enforced virtual environments for developers. Neither works but we are still forced to use them due to an obtuse IT security department.

Seeing as the bank(s) run on software produced by their developers, don't you think it would be a good idea for IT Security to rethink this?

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