Webcam video dark and red (White Shark Cyclops)

By nkrsljanin ·
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I bought a White Shark Cyclops webcam recently, and while the video is sharp and good in that respect, it is very dark and red-hued. The room where I'm sitting isn't perfectly lit, but the light is quite decent for the human eye. However, on the camera, it looks like I'm sitting in a horror movie set, which isn't perfect for my lectures. :)

Sometimes, when I move a little closer, it gets brighter, as if someone suddenly raised the exposure, and then it's acceptable (though no perfect and still reddish), but it doesn't always happen when I sit closer and I don't know how to trigger it predictably. The camera itself (recommended by the salesman in the shop when I went to purchase a webcam) doesn't come with any software, and I haven't found anything on their website, either. The software I mostly use for my work communication is Webex Meetings, which, unfortunately, has very limited video settings options, so I can't do anything through its own settings. I'm running Windows 10.

Any ideas what I could do?
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Re: webcam

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Webcam video dark and red ...

Find a friend, family member or shop with another webcam and compare yours and theirs.
Then you know if you need a better cam or better light.

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I looked up the price for this web. 6.499 RSD

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Webcam video dark and red ...

That's under a dollar USD so the fact it works at all tells me you got quite the bargain.

Try better lighting and the test noted by Kees.

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That is quite wrong.

by nkrsljanin In reply to I looked up the price for ...

Ammm... That's about 65 USD. 1$ is roughly 100 dinars. Not sure how you converted the price, but it's definitely way off.

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Well, obviously wrong. :)

by nkrsljanin In reply to Here's the links.

Link 1 and the price is correct. In link 2, you converted 1 RSD, not 6499 RSD. In link 3, you converted 8 US cents (?), and got 7,8 dinars. Not 7800, just under 8 dinars with a large decimal part. :) Enter 6500 RSD manually to any currency converter and you'll get around 65 USD.

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Google Translate must be the issue.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Well, obviously wrong. :)

I read 6.499 so it's off by quite a lot.

I can't imagine 65 USD for this one.
The Microsoft Modern Webcam is to retail for 69.99 USD and well, it's quite nice.

I've been using 20 dollar webcams to add video to older laptops as many want to run Zoom now. For the budget minded, I get this one for under 9 US

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Ah, got it! So what specs should I look at?

by nkrsljanin In reply to Google Translate must be ...

Oh, I get it now! Misunderstanding because of the decimals. :)
Well, since I'm going to go change this one for a better one, could you tell me what specifications should I look at to avoid this problem? It didn't even cross my mind when I bought it, I just looked at the resolution etc. and it seemed solid... But I'm really no expert. Recommendation for the Microsoft Modern duly noted, but they might not have it in the store where I bought this.

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Remember this.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Ah, got it! So what specs ...

The human eye can't be the standard for lighting. No one here has this model camera to test and most webcams do suffer in low light that humans are fine with.

I'd get your Shark tested by a friend to confirm or try another PC but my bet is this one isn't great in low light.

Specs don't convey low light performance from what I've seen. I do like the new Microsoft and Logitech models when the client has tried and kicked back on the cheaps.

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I tested with my mobile, the difference is huge.

by nkrsljanin In reply to Remember this.

You're right, it is obviously bad in low light. I tested the video from my cellphone and it's infinitely better, but I obviously don't want to do all my teaching and my meetings from my phone. OK, I'll look into the Microsoft and Logitech cameras, thank you! Generally, I'd be willing to go up to a 100$, but more would be a stretch at the moment.

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