What data is sent and recieved between a hotspot and a connected device?

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If a laptop is connected to a phone via Wi-Fi and that phone is being used as a hotspot, then what data is being sent and recieved between those two devices? If I was using a VPN on the laptop and phone, then would that data be protected? Is the connection between the devices in question different than if I were to use the phone to connect to the internet without hotspot, i.e, the connection between the phone and the ISP?
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Re: information

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to What data is sent and rec ...

The PC sends the same information to the hotspot as it sends to your WiFi-router.

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I wonder if you feel that data is protected at all? Surprise, it's not.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to What data is sent and rec ...

Please read about LavaBit. Here's the quick view:
"The documents show that the US government sought to force Lavabit to install a "pen register and the use of a trap and trace device" "

Basically all email as it stands today is unencrypted. Let that soak in.
Now look at LavaBit and know that governments vacuum up all the data.

Can you tell me again what your concerns are?

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