What is the best sales tracking software for small business?

By sienna221 ·
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I work for a small sales company and we are looking for some sort of collaboration software that will help with our organization and tracking. Our team of 4 have previously been very siloed and are trying to bring the company into the 21st century and be more collaborative. We have recently been using Google Sheets to track our sales calls, accounts, and leads...but there has to be something more advanced than a shared spreadsheet. We just need an internal tool where we can all access information on current accounts...current leads with contact information, follow up dates, notes, etc. Maybe there is even software that does this and then will track statistics (e.g., who made the most sales in a month, made the most sales calls, etc.). I've used SharePoint for collaboration at companies in the past and I was never the biggest hoping there are other options.

Maybe something like this doesn't exist or maybe its a very well known tool and I've been living under a rock. So thank you in advance for answering and bearing with my question!
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You Could Hire Someone To Engineer AI For You

by engineeringera In reply to What is the best sales tr ...

We Engineer AI, and such small issues can be resolved with a bit of an external help - or you could use Sharepoint (which is honestly, a lot more tedious). There are AI engineers on the market who can do something as menial, but customizable, depending upon your density of workload. You can find someone to engineer AI according to your need online.

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