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When did you last use Windows 3.1x?

By thetruthneverexist ·
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Perhaps a question for the older audience.

Lately the thought of building a DOS 6.22 / Win 3.1x -exclusive PC has crossed my mind more times than it is appropriate. I've been also wondering - when did the PC companies stop selling Windows 3.1x as a primary pre-loaded system?

I'd assume somewhere near/afte r the dawn of Windows 95, but alas, in the PC Mag's 5 Nov 1996 issue and Computerworld's 10 Mar 1997 (both readable at Google Books) there are still mentions of Win 3.1x as taking the largest share of the computer OS market.

I know, a lot of corporations stuck to their older PCs as the time progressed, which explains new copies of 3.1 being sold even in 1996 despite Microsoft's push to the 32-bit architecture - but when did the PC companies stop offering 3.1 for the home user? Have you seen, or maybe remember the last time you saw an ad for a PC with 3.1x? When was the last time you used a 3.1-based machine? Really curious.
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Windows 3x No Idea but it was years ago.

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to When did you last use Win ...

On the other hand Dos 6 whatever I was still installing that onto some CAM units in the 2010's as that is what they ran on big industrial electrical generation equipment makers which took about 18 months to decommission the factory install new equipment and then recommission the factory to production so they kept the DOS units in place for as long as possible with a Token Ring Network.

Those old units never missed a beat the only thing that hurt them was the cutting oil used on some of them would find it's way into the electronics and fry the circuit boards of the computer control units. I was still fitting the early Core 2 Duo M'Boards and CPU's to those machines to keep them running on DR DOS. I think that when they where originally commissioned they has 286's as the CPU running them.

Not really much of an issue other than getting the right drivers for the North and South Bridges nothing else was really necessary though the loss of a COM Port which was replaced by USB was an issue at the end.

I had Windows 3X on a 486 back in the very early 90's not as good as the Unix System I had also running on a 286 and I remember it being a lot like 3D Menu that I had used on some home systems but not quite as well designed though it was 32 Bit.

The worst change back then was changing from Word Perfect 6 for DOS to Word Perfect 6 for Windows that virtually threw out everything you knew about the DOS version and required you to learn all the new Keyboard Short-cuts for Windows.

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window 3.1x

by topmover12 In reply to Windows 3x No Idea but it ...

This information made my concepts more clear about windows 3.0x You explained everything very nicely.

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When did you last use Windows 3.1x?

by sophiakaile49 In reply to When did you last use Win ...

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