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By dwdino ·
Need to discuss Linux and notebooks.

I decided to test Linux again. Downloaded OpenSuse 11.2 and installed my preferred interface (KDE). Upgraded fully. Verified the notebook tools were installed.

I configured my notebook (Dell Precision M90) and had all working well. I installed the Nvidia drivers and confirmed all was good.

I then docked my notebook and all failed again. When I powered on my system, the boot process and grub were displayed on my first of two external monitors. That was the last thing I saw. From that point on, my display was diverted to the closed LCD panel of my notebook.

I opened my notebook and set about configuring the display to export all video to my dual external monitors. Finally got that to work.

I then undocked my notebook. Much to my surprise, the desktop came up on my notebook's display, but it was stretched to contain the desktop "space" of my external monitors.

I reconfigured my desktop to properly use my notebook LCD. Re-docked my notebook and I was back at square one with no external display.

I rebooted to Win7 and all monitors (docked or undocked) worked perfectly.

So, how do we solve this Linux delima of dock vs. undocked hardware and being dynamic enough to automatically swap upon connecting?

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