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Which is the best browser for Using or working?

By arysonrajat ·
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I want to use one of the best-performed browsers for browsing or work.

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Re: browser

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Which is the best browser ...

All are fine, whether you use them for Using or for browsing or for work.

Just try Chrome, Edge or Firefox to see if any of their specific features is reason to chose one. Or use different ones for different purposes.

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Depends on your needs. Here's an example.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Which is the best browser ...

Let's say your work is to make or maintain your company web site. You would test with the top 10 or so web browsers and on Apple (OS and iOS) along with Android, Windows and Linux. Your best browser is a rather long list.

For many the best is what the computer or phone came with. Then we have others that want to choose their own.

What I think that means is: All dogs are good dogs.

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by Naheed Mir In reply to Which is the best browser ...

Almost all browsers are good for working. The most used browsers are:
1. Chrome
2. Firefox
3. Opera
4. Safari

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by drewkart09 In reply to Which is the best browser ...

chrome, firefox, opera

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Best Browser for Using

by nihitthakkar In reply to Which is the best browser ...

There are many browsers to work in 2021 namely:
1. Google Chrome
2. Mozilla Firefox
3. Microsoft Edge
4. Opera Mini.
5. Vivaldi.
6. Tor
But we can't say which one is best to use. The most widely used browser is Google Chrome.

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The one and only Google Chrome

by Old Molases In reply to Which is the best browser ...

Google Chrome is the option at your disposal. Not only that its user friendly, but most of the websites on the World Wide Web are optimized for Google Chrome, the reason for doing that is most of people prefer using Chrome. Its easy to use, easy to manage and user friendly. Also, it delivers a stellar surfing experience as well.

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Depends on what you value

by ednawelburg In reply to Which is the best browser ...

I'm a huge security freak since all my accounts are basically online and everything–from my work to all my personal files is stored in cloud services. So the highest selling point of any browser for me is the amount of privacy I get.

I personally use Brave Browser. I highly go against using Chrome since it leaks and uses a lot of your information to target ads at you, and Brave basically has all the functionalities of chrome minus the ads.

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by matthewkelly0012 In reply to Which is the best browser ...

Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browser are considered the best browser for Work.
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