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White House crashers met Obama

By AV . ·
How can anyone be so brazen as to crash the White House state dinner? That is a HUGE security breach. The Salahi's have just shown how easy it is to get close to the President if you look like you belong there and are persistent enough.


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I would presume

by Michael Jay In reply to White House crashers met ...

friends, by the pictures.

But indeed a serious breach of protocol.

It will be brushed under the rug.

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"brushed under the rug"

by santeewelding In reply to I would presume

Somehow, I don't think so.

I am reminded of the repentant who met with a Saudi prince some months ago, repentant with an IED shoved up his ***, which he detonated, but facing the wrong way, only to injure the prince and send the repentant to his rewards.

****. She could have done a tracheal hand strike, or transfer some noxious substance with but a touch.

Everything that glitters in the future will be taken aside, strip-searched, and cavity-examined.

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Nothing went Boom

by Michael Jay In reply to "brushed under the rug"

Under the rug it goes.

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What will go under the rug

by NickNielsen In reply to I would presume

The presidential protective detail takes their job very seriously. What will go under the rug is the careers of those who failed to check the guest list. If the agents responsible for checking the guest list remain in Secret Service employ, their next assignment will probably be to the uniformed division, patrolling the Mall on foot.

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I would like to think so

by Michael Jay In reply to What will go under the ru ...

but it is going to disappear like smoke from a tire on a windy day, no one will take notice of this event past today.

Well except for the internet.

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That, in this case, is how it should be

by NickNielsen In reply to I would like to think so

I don't want to know what the Secret Service does to fix this. For one, if I know, then others know and that opens the possibility of it happening again with more dire consequences. For the other, what happens to the agents is a personnel action and thus no business of mine.

MO, of course.

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Not true

by Tig2 In reply to I would like to think so

The incident itself is being treated as being quite serious and the Secret Service has no intention of NOT questioning these two yodas. They have gone into hiding- like that will help much- while Bravo (invited by these numb nuts to video tape the whole thing) are happily complying with the nice boys from the Presidential detail.

Her career in reality TV is toast. She has literally turned herself into media poison. Old friends are coming out of the woodwork to rag on the pair of them- a long history of unpaid debit and lies among other things.

Frankly, the aftermath is the better story.

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Don't even care about those two

by NickNielsen In reply to Not true

As far as I'm concerned, anything short of physical injury that happens to them is more than deserved.

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I think they can't brush this under the rug

by AV . In reply to I would presume

Friends or not, these people are nothing but publicity-seeking reality TV wannabes looking to cash in. The government needs to hold these people accountable so other nuts don't even think about trying something like this in the future.


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I like the litigious nature of that family.

by seanferd In reply to White House crashers met ...

And the way it is destroying the business they are fighting over.


Interesting how they show up uninvited, then disappear entirely, and "their publicist" has nothing to say.

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