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Why aren't you using the default browser on your OS or device?

By christian1626207408 ·
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I have worked with web browsers since 1997 first in Opera Software and now with the Vivaldi browser. Since we do not gather any information about our users it is very hard to determine why our users chose a little known browser like *****. We are trying to interact with users who already use **** wherever we can, but again without gathering information about our users we have to find other ways to understand who our users are and aren't.

So I would like to ask here why would you choose to use another browser than what comes with your OS by default? if there should be any **** users here it would be great to know why you chose to use *****. We would of course like to understand why you aren't or wouldn't use *****.

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All a matter of preference.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Why aren't you using the ...

I choose Google Chrome and there are many browsers to choose from. All depends on personal preferences and nobody has to justify why they chose one over another. I am not sure why this would be up for debate in the first place.

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What? 2.2 MILLION USERS is not enough?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Why aren't you using the ...

It's nice enough so my thought here is "Choice is good."

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