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Why don't banks use security cameras with higher resolution?

By rogerstim769 ·
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Hello guys, I'm currently working on a consulting project.
My client is a bank and they want to do video analytics on their customers. Let's not talk about the details here...
Here's the question: I've checked the image from their security cameras and the video quality is extremely low.
This makes me wonder... why do the cameras have such a low quality? I think they can afford good ones?
Or is there any specific reasons? Does anyone have idea on this?
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Let's cut to the answer.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Why don't banks use secur ...

1. Money.

That's it. Plain and simple. Plus you are usually looking at installations that are usually over 10 years ago so that puts it right into the time where Analog NTSC or PAL cameras were the norm. At best back then you found 4 or 8 cameras going to a single box that combined 4 or more camera feeds to a single Analog NTSC or PAL signal that went to either an old video tape recorder or DVR.

Since these are only there to give video evidence of a possible crime that doesn't happen often there is no call to put in anything beyond say 480p that would be shared among 4 cameras making that at best 240p.

Beyond the money, it's also the storage issues. But hey, let's just stick to the number one reason. Money.

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