Windows 10 Firewall Management - Remote Workers

By Samscrappy ·
Any advice n how to manage the win10 firewall settings on all our corp laptops that are all remote?

No vpn so not sure how to push GPO settings?

Another related question is how do we monitor the logs as prior we had them all in the office so we used our central firewall appliance to monitor traffic. We are kind of blind now on what the endpoints are doing.

Help or advice please, even comments on a better method that does not break the bank.

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Tell us about this company's IT.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Windows 10 Firewall Manag ...

Such work via the GPO would have been in the classes and certifications we expect the IT staff or leads to have. Even if such staff didn't have the training they would have the phone to pick up and call up Microsoft's own support.

You mention not breaking the bank but all this is part of the normal cost of managing the company assets so is there some back story such as this company is trying to go without the usual IT staff or didn't want to pay the usual cost of support? Also, I worry that this IT isn't doing the usual research but posting on the web without trying on their own or better yet, asking the management to pay and send them to the classes on this system.

Is your company that cheap?

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Here's Microsoft's section on deployment.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Windows 10 Firewall Manag ...

Remember that I take it that you have good, well trained IT staff. This section of the docs should be all they need.

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