Wireless network with Vista Desktop;Laptop with XP printing issues

By jdesot ·
Recently replaced my desktop with a new PC running Windows Vista. My laptop, which has been connected to the wireless network with the previous PC, cannot print now. All the articls I have found are for the opposite problem. The printer is connected directly to the PC and prints just fine.

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Same problem...

by lperrin In reply to Wireless network with Vis ...

Did you have any luck solving this issue? I recently did the exact same thing (new desktop with Vista, have laptop running XP, previously had them networked to share printer, and now I can't make the laptop print)

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Opposite problem

by loudini56 In reply to Same problem...

I have a desktop pc running xp and a laptop running vista. I'm using a linksys wireless router, hard wired to my desktop. My laptop is able to connect to the network but I can't print from my laptop. I tried a linksys print server but it doesn't support vista. Any ideas?

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Can print but very very slow

by awestle In reply to Opposite problem

My set up is about the same as your, but I am finding the getting the document to the printer and have it start printing is a very long time. A few of my programs, like Quickbooks stops responding and then doesn't print. Any suggestions on what I can do.

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Same Problem

by llimcaa In reply to Wireless network with Vis ...

I am getting the same problem. I have wifi my office my printer is connected to a desktop PC and I wanted to print document from my laptop. I am getting the spooling error messege. If you are getting the same problem. Hope this will work.
Click start, and click run. Type services.msc and click ok. Scroll down to "print spooler" and double click it. click properties and change it to "Automatic" and click start.

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