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Wireless Printer Issues

By Ignis22 ·

I have a desktop pc Connected to HPLaserjet printer and the printer is accessed by laptops.

Problem :Im not able to send or print any file to the wireless network printer.In the morning it works fine but like from noon the Laptops are not able to send or view the properties of the network printer(HP LaserJet).

Thanks in Advance

Error Message:

When i right click the printer it says "Printer Properties cannot be displayed, print spooler is not running".

Steps I have taken to resolve the issue.

:> restarted print spooler,
:> Disable firewalls
:> Cleared Spool\Printer files
:> Disable all hibernation and set hdd values to never.

But no use.

The problem gets resolved only when the desktop pc and the printer are restarted.

then the laptops are able to print,and add printer and view its properties.

Network Setup :

DSL Modem is connected to nortel security switch 2300 and from there its shared to multiple access points 2332 in every floor.

The desktop pc which is connected with the printer(HP Laserjet 1020)is not wireless.

Note : But Internet can be accessed from this laptops without any hurdle at anytime.but when it comes to printing,Either the print job fails to print,and we cannot access the properties of the printer or add a new printer, when i do it the laptop gets unresponsive.or else it will say the printer name is wrong or network issues.

I am clueless ,Rebooting the printer pc is a temporary resolution and im still not able to determine the root cause,but i have a slight doubt that the problem might be network oriented

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Print spooler problem in Desktop connected to HP Printer

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Wireless Printer Issues

It is definitely Print spooler problem in Desktop connected to HP Printer and not problem in Laptops. Are your system updated to the latest Microsoft Updates? Check the Event Viewer in the Desktop for errors and post more details.

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If you ask me....

by tintoman In reply to Wireless Printer Issues

The printer is losing its assigned IP address and cannot be found by the laptops when this happens.
I suggest that you configure a reserved IP address for the printer in your router settings. also use the settings panel on the printer to set a static IP address to match the reserved one.

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Matching IP address

by Ignis22 In reply to If you ask me....

The Desktop to which the printer is connected is having a static ip address...

Like when i add that printer to any desktop or laptop using them other than the one that the printer is connected.I use
\\IPaddress\Printer name.
So the printer is having static ip address right.
and can you give brief the method in which to match the reserved and static ip address.

Apologies for sounding a novince.

But it will really help me.


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When you said it was wireless

by tintoman In reply to Matching IP address

I thought you meant that the printer was wireless and therefore is a network printer. If your printer has only a usb connection then of course it will have to be directly connected to a computer.
The computer it is connected to may or may not have a static IP but that is no longer the issue.
But you might have a connectivity problem if the computer that is hosting the printer goes into standby and the hard drive is being turned off

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I was just going to ask

by mafergus In reply to When you said it was wire ...

For clarification on that point! I think you are right. It sounds like the PC is acting like a server and assuming a "normal" work day, 4 hours would be about right for it to go to sleep. The wireless connection must be a different access point on the lan and not directly to the printer. He does mention rebooting the printer pc. and that would fit. It would also explain the timeouts on the laptops. He needs to disable all sleep on that computer and make sure the nic isn't set to be able to go into sleep mode. Or better yet, buy a cheap network print server and get that pc out of the way.

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Disabled Sleep

by Ignis22 In reply to I was just going to ask

I have disabled sleep,hibernation,and idle mode,and set hard disk time out value to never,and more over the printer pc is accessed by a dedicated user,so there is no chance of that pc going to a sleep mode.the only check which i have not done yet is nic idle do that and post you with further information.

not only wireless laptops,wired PC were also having problem in accessing that printer.

And the printer PC,Wireless Laptops,Wired PC everything falls under VPN.

And even if you want i can provide you with a detailed diagram of my office VPN setup.

and from today the PC to which the printer is connected is not able to print job.

But the properties are opening up,but still not able to print even the test page.


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Disabled Idle Mode.

by Ignis22 In reply to When you said it was wire ...

I have disabled all the idle mode features,and set the hard disk time out frequency to never.

Not only laptops,even wired pc in the vpn is not able to access the printer pc.the same error dialogue box is flashed for both laptops and wired pc:

When i print:

There is no response,from either side.
Print has failed.

When i check Printer Properties:

Properties cannot be displayed,Print spooler is not running.

When adding the printer:

Either the printer name was wrong,or there might be some issues with your network Connection.
Even if you want i can give you a detailed diagram of my office vpn network.

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As MehulBhai asked

by BizIntelligence In reply to Matching IP address

had you check computer Event viewer for more information. Definitely, there will be more information about error. Check system and application log for anything related to printer and its driver.

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Event Viewer

by Ignis22 In reply to As MehulBhai asked

I have checked event viewer,
Error for DHCP,and warning for Print,

In print it states that new drivers are added,

After that i connected the printer in another usb port after that it started printing.

Really clueless.

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Driver issue

by mafergus In reply to Event Viewer

Those errors are usually indicative of a driver problem. you may need to manually clean out the old drivers and reinstall them. Look at my helpful answer 3 and try those steps except insert your brand of printer there and avoid the hp tools.;leftCol

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