Xeon x3440 and gt 1030 for streaming?

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Hello everyone, i am new here so i hope someone can reply to me :>

I am a low budget streamer, and currently i am using a gt 1030 and an i5 650... I love doing livestream on twitch, i stream at 480p but my pc runs so slow, i can't even stream with discord open and my cpu goes at 98% minimum. I am planning to change the cpu, and getting the one on the title (Xeon X3440), small price and a good amount of Cores and Threads. Can someone help me if i am doing a good thing? I first need to change the gpu? thank you so much to everyone ;>
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I compared the two

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Xeon x3440 and gt 1030 fo ...

And outside of more cores and threads I won't write this is going to fix it.

Let's see your current SPECCY WEB RESULT. How?

Maybe there's something about this PC that can be helped such as single channel RAM, old HDDs etc.

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Re: streaming

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Xeon x3440 and gt 1030 fo ...

I don't think that streaming uses the GPU more than viewing the image yourself on your own monitor. So if that is satisfactory, upgrading the GPU shouldn't make a difference.

Note that replacing the CPU might mean replacing the motherboard, which might mean replacing the RAM also. In effect, that's most of a new PC.

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